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Today is Wednesday October 12, 2016 and this is Episode 91

New DNA Test Living DNA

There’s a new DNA test you can take starting in mid-October from Living DNA. This test costs $159 and you can order it now. The test kit will ship sometime in mid-October. It’s a mouth swab test.

This new test will be able to break down your ancestry into different regions. If you have British ancestry it can break it down to any of the 21 regions in the UK and you can see how your worldwide ancestry breaks down in over 80 regions.

The test is available worldwide and the site has prices for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and international.

The test is designed to give people the most accurate and detailed estimate of their extended family tree back thousands of years. It combines the latest DNA testing technology with the latest academic research. This can give users an accurate picture of their ancestry over time.

When your tests are processed you will have access to a personalized, interactive results platform. You also get free lifetime updates to your results as new ancestry research and population groups are added at Living DNA.

They say your results will not be used for drug research but may be used for academic research studies if you choose to participate.

In the future Living DNA will accept imported data from other companies such as Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and Ancestry for a fee. Also the site GEDMatch is working to accept uploads of data from Living DNA.

Living DNA – a new genetic ancestry test providing comparisons with the People of the British Isles dataset

Family Tree DNA Introduces Pedigree View

Family Tree DNA has a new way to view family trees. You can now look at your matches family trees in a pedigree view. This makes it much easier to find common surnames. Of course your matches will have to attach their tree to their account for you to look at them.

Pedigree view shows 4 generations at a time. You can click on an ancestor in the 4th generation to see more of that line. This view is for direct line of ancestors

Family Tree DNA still has Family View. This view shows siblings and children of ancestors.

New Pedigree View Tree at Family Tree DNA

New Records at FamilySearch

More new records at FamilySearch

New browsable image collections added include
Georgia Church Marriages 1787-1962
Germany Baden Stebbach Church Book Extracts 1675-1951
Nicaragua Civil Registration 1809-2013

The following have new indexed records and images
California County Marriages 1850-1952
Florida County Marriages 1830-1957
Georgia Church Marriages 1754-1960
Poland Lublin Roman Catholic Church Books 1784-1964
Spain Diocese of Santander Catholic Church Records 1538-1985

These collections are new indexed record collections
Great Britain War Office Registers 1772-1935
New Zealand Archives New Zealand Civil Records Indexes 1800-1896
Spain Diocese of Ávila Catholic Church Records 1502-1975
Sweden Älvsborg Church Records 1642-1897; index 1681-1860

Next these collections have indexed records added to an existing collection
Applications for Enrollment and Adoption of Washington Indians 1911-1919
Argentina Mendoza Catholic Church Records 1665-1975
Australia Cemetery Inscriptions 1802-2005
Australia Tasmania Civil Registration of Births 1899-1912
Australia Victoria Inquest Deposition Files 1840-1925
Belgium Antwerp Civil Registration 1588-1913
Belgium East Flanders Civil Registration 1541-1914
Belgium Liège Civil Registration 1621-1914
BillionGraves Index
Colombia Catholic Church Records 1576-2014
Denmark Probate Indexes 1674-1851
Find A Grave Index
Germany Hesse Civil Registration 1874-1927
Ghana Census 1984
Illinois Cook County Obituaries ca. 1970-1990
Iowa State Census 1915
Maine Revolutionary War Bounty Land Applications 1835-1838
Maine Vital Records 1670-1921
Massachusetts Revolutionary War Bounty Land Applications 1805-1845
Minnesota Passenger and Crew Lists 1912-1956
New Hampshire Revolutionary War Records 1675-1835
New York New York City Police Census 1890
North Carolina Revolutionary Pay Vouchers 1779-1782
United States Revolutionary War Pension Payment Ledgers 1818-1872
Utah Birth Certificates 1903-1914

The next collection has had indexed records and images added to an existing collection
Belgium Limburg Civil Registration 1798-1906
New Zealand Archives New Zealand Probate Records 1843-1998
Oklahoma Church Marriages 1852-1948
Sweden Södermanland Church Records 1604-1900; index 1640-1860
Sweden Uppsala Church Records 1308-1901; index 1613-1860
Tennessee County Marriages 1790-1950
Washington County Marriages 1855-2008

These collections have added images to an existing collection
Alaska Vital Records 1816-1959
Arkansas Church Marriages 1860-1976
England Warwickshire Parish Registers 1538-1963
Germany Prussia Westphalia Minden Miscellaneous Collections from the Municipal Archives 1574-1912
Ohio County Marriages 1789-2013
Philippines Civil Registration (National) 1945-1984
Poland Radom Roman Catholic Church Books 1587-1966

Collections Update: Week of September 26

Collections Update: Week of October 3

Historic Records Update: Week of October 10

New Design at FamilySearch

When you login to FamilySearch you’re going to see a new design. Not everyone has this yet. It’s rolling out and all users should see the new design in the next few weeks.

The first page you see is broken up into two parts. The left side is focused on inspiration and the right side provides tools and insights into your family history.

The inspiration side is where you’ll find videos, new tools and an automatically updated feed that shows photos and other things about your ancestors that have recently been added by other users.

The right side focuses on what you’ve been doing at FamilySearch. Here you’ll find recommended tasks, a history of recently visited ancestors and a to do list to help you keep track of what you want.

The new design makes your time on FamilySearch about you. By seeing a history of what you’ve done lately, hints about your ancestors that have been found in the records and new photos of your ancestors, you will be more engaged and inspired to research your ancestors.

New FamilySearch Design: Log In to Try It Out

FamilySearch Adds Hints

FamilySearch has released 141 million new hints to Family Tree. These hints appear because FamilySearch has searched its records for you. The current edition of hints enlarges the already 1.5 billion hints that have already been in place.

The hints may identify a possible ancestor to add to your tree or they can provide additional sources for an ancestor already in the tree.

Periodically very large batches of new hints will be added throughout the year.

FamilySearch Adds 141 Million Family History Record Hints

Twile Integrates with FamilySearch

Twile and FamilySearch have announced a new feature that will let FamilySearch users generate a family history timeline and share that with other family members online. The timeline will encourage collaboration among family members and make research and discoveries more engaging for everyone.

Twile will import a tree from FamilySearch and automatically add the events for birth and marriage. A timeline will make it easier for non-genealogists to explore their ancestry and add their own events, stories and pictures.

Twile will be adding support for FamilySearch’s memories and photos plus it will automatically sync between the Twile timeline as the FamilySearch records change.

Twile’s basic service is free and you can add up to 10 events and 10 photos per month. The premium service costs $49.99 per year and allows you to add unlimited events and photos.

Twile Integrates with FamilySearch

Discovery Center at Family History Library

The Family History Library will have a new Family History Discovery Center on its main floor. Admission will be free and open to the public. It’s a place where you can enjoy fun and personal discoveries about your family history.

There will be life-size touch-screen computer monitors at some interactive stations and a green-screen area where you can choose from a variety of backgrounds for photos.

Many of the features will use information found at FamilySearch Family Tree. A personalized family tree at will enhance someone’s experience at the Discovery Center.

Construction should be completed in time for the RootsTech conference that will be held in February.

Family History Library Begins Construction of New Discovery Center

Ancestry Adds Records for Oxfordshire

Ancestry has added over four million parish records for County of Oxfordshire. The records cover the years from 1538 to 1965 and include births and baptisms, marriages and banns, and deaths and burials. The records came from the Oxfordshire Family History Society and Oxfordshire History Centre.

400 years of Oxfordshire History

Ancestry Adds UK Medical Directories

Ancestry has added some UK Medical directories that list those who were in the medical field.

The UK & Ireland Medical Directories 1845 – 1942 lists most of the practicing and retired doctors in the UK, Ireland and British colonies. The Medical and Dental Students Registers 1882 – 1937 was compiled by the General Medical Council and contains a record of all students of Medicine and Dentistry studying in the United Kingdom and Ireland during that time.

The Midwives Roll 1904 – 1959 list those who could be found in the Central Midwives Board. The Dentist Registers 1879 – 1942 list those practicing under the License in Dental Surgery.

The Physiotherapy and Masseuse Registers 1895 – 1980 contains registers for masseuses, physiotherapists, bio-physical assistants, and medical gymnasts. In case you are wondering, a medical gymnast is someone who practices Per Henrik Ling’s massage techniques which is also known as Swedish massage.

The Roll of the Indian Medical Service 1615 – 1930 contains information about individual surgeons aboard ships bound for India from Europe mostly during the 1600s and 1700s.

All these medical directories are from the Wellcome Library which is known as a major resource for the study of medical history.

Medical ancestors? Ancestry has six new collections

Ancestry Adds Quebec, Canada, Notarial Records

Ancestry has added Quebec, Canada, Notarial Records, 1626 – 1935. These types of records were private agreements or contracts written by official notaries. Some of these agreements are marriage contracts, wills, estate inventories, leases, and sales contracts. Each notary was assigned to a district.

The notarial repertories have been indexed by name, date, record type, notary, and notarial act numbers. You can also browse the images.

The original documents are from the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). After you search you get a link to view the record. Sometimes there will be two images to look at – the entry in the book for the index entry and the actual record. Not all images of records are available.

During the next 3 years other items from Quebec notarial documents will be added totaling 3.2 million pages of additional documents.

Starting in June 2020, all the documents that were digitized for this project will be available free of charge at the BAnQ website.

BAnQ is working with Ancestry to give web access expanded to over 7.3 million pages of documents notarized Quebec XVII th to the XX th century

Ancestry adds Quebec, Canada, Notarial Records, 1626 – 1935

New Records at Findmypast

Findmypast has added a new collection called British, Registers of Licenses to pass beyond the seas 1573 – 1677. These are records about early travelers who left Britain for Ireland, continental Europe, New England, Barbados, Bermuda, and other destinations. They are fully searchable transcripts and color images of original documents from The National Archives.

And Findmaypast has added the British Army, Worldwide Index 1851.

Findmypast has added to some existing collections. Those are

Great Britain & Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) periodicals
Irish Newspapers
Wales, Monmouthshire workhouse registers, electoral registers, and marriage notices
Warwickshire Burials
Yorkshire Baptisms
United States birth and death collections
United States Marriages have had substantial new additions for the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia.

Lots of new records have been added to the England Billion Graves Cemetery Index.

Findmypast Friday September 30th 2016

Findmypast Friday October 7th 2016

Family Tree Maker Updates and Replacement Center

The latest version of macOS is Sierra. It just came out and it is compatible with the Family Tree Maker version 3 on the Mac. If you have a previous version of Family Tree Maker for the Mac it will not run on Sierra.

If you want to upgrade your older version of Family Tree Maker, you can do that for $29.95, the regular price is $69.95.

The makers of Family Tree Maker, Software MacKiev, are selling a flash drive with the latest version of Family Tree Maker for Mac. It’s made of natural wood and has a capacity of 4 GB. It also includes a moving kit so you can open any Family Tree Maker file ever created. The flash drive costs $14 plus $5.95 for shipping.

There is now a Replacement Center on the website. So if you’ve lost your registration information for Family Tree Maker, you can fill out a form with your name and email address and they will send you a link where you can download your software.

Family Tree Maker News — Mac Edition

Little Family Tree App Now Free

The app Little Family Tree has a free version. Previously it was $3.99. The app teaches children about their family history with interactive games and activities from information obtained from your FamilySearch Family Tree.

The app can teach children to identify family members by name, relationship, and picture and recognize and navigate the family tree.

Little Family Tree is available for both iOS and android. The free version includes five games. Five additional games may be purchased for $3.99.

Little Family Tree, A Genealogy App for Children, Now FREE to Download

Reclaim the Records New York City Marriage Records has a Website

The Reclaim the Records not-for-profit group got access to some records that should be public from the New York City Clerk’s Office. They have now made a website where everyone can access the New York City marriage index. The website is

At the site you can search through the index to New York City marriage licenses for 1950 – 1995, for free. Searches will recognize sound-alike surnames, spelling variants, wildcards, common nicknames, year ranges, and borough preferences.

If you like, you can download the raw data to do some more analysis.

Reclaim the Records will be placing more public record requests in early 2017. They plan to request the 1996-2016 continuation of the NYC marriage license index data and the 1988-2016 NYC domestic partnership database.

The New York City Marriage Index for 1950-1995 is now Online

New York City Directories

The New York Public Library is digitizing its collection of New York City Directories. They have completed and placed online the first batch of directories to be digitized. This is an ongoing project and currently 1849/50 through 1923 are available online at the library’s website.

New York Public Library Digitizes 137 Years of New York City Directories

Records about Women in Massachusetts

Some new collections have come online that relate to women in the Boston Massachusetts area. The collections contain records about organizations that were run by women who were concerned with social issues such as antislavery, women’s education, the peace movement, treatment of the poor and anti-suffrage.

The timeframe for these collections are mostly the late 1800s and early 1900s. And they can be found at the website for the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Fully-Digitized Manuscript Collections Now Available

More Newspapers at the North Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive

The Digital Library of Georgia has expanded the North Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive. It now provides access to fifteen newspaper titles published in North Georgia. New additions include the following nine titles:

Cassville Standard (1852-1860)
Cedartown Advertiser (1879-1884)
Cedartown Express (1877-1879)
Cedartown Record (1874-1877)
Cedartown Standard (1900-1922)
Cherokee Advance (Canton) (1880-1922)
Clayton Tribune (1899-1924)
Cleveland Progress (1892-1896)
Dahlonega Nugget (1903-1928)

North Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive Expansion

Texas State University to Digitize Photographic Negatives

The Albert B. Alkek Library at Texas State University has received a grant to begin digitizing an estimated 1.5 million photographic negatives and making them available to researchers.

The negatives were donated to the library by the San Marcos Daily Record in January 2016. The collection spans approximately 70 years from the mid 1930s to the 2000s.

They will also be digitizing negatives already in the University Archives.

The project will be completed in stages over several years because the collection is so large.

Alkek Library to digitize archives’ 1.5 million photographic negatives

Swedish American Newspapers Online at the Minnesota Historical Society Website

The Minnesota Historical Society website now has 28 Swedish American newspapers available. The selection of newspapers includes some main titles from different states. States covered include California, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, and Washington.

The newspapers are browsable and searchable. They are written in Swedish.

At least two-thirds of the existing newspapers still need to be digitized and published.

28 Swedish-language US newspapers available online

New Brunswick Updates Its Online Database

The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick has updated its online database of births, marriages and deaths by adding over 5,000 marriage records for 1965. There is only an index available for these records from 1965.

For all the other years on the website the actual record is available.

New Brunswick Archives adds 1965 marriages

East Riding Archives on Flickr

The East Riding Archives from the United Kingdom is now on Flickr Commons. East Riding is in Yorkshire. All images on Flickr Commons have no known copyright restrictions.

The digital archive for East Riding contains 150,000 digital files. It’s estimated that 88% of those files are photographs.

East Riding Archives to the Flickr Commons!

Records Added to Legacies of British Slave-ownership

The University of London has added records to its website called Legacies of British Slave-ownership. At the site you can find out information on 20,000 slave-owners and more than 8,000 estates. The newly added records go back to the year 1763.

The site can be used to research the slave-owners as well as slaves. The site is browsable and can be searched by using filters and names.

British slave-ownership database contains more than expected

Legacies of British Slave-ownership

Names Added to Medieval Soldier Website

New names have been added to a website where you can search for soldiers who fought in the Hundred Years War. The names of over 3,500 French soldiers who fought in the Battle of Agincourt (1415) have been added at They join the quarter of a million names for English armies who fought in a number of battles including Agincourt.

The Medieval Soldier website was first launched in 2009. It now has a new search interface that brings together three separate databases to make them searchable as a single resource. You can search by surname, rank, or year of service.

The database also now contains details of geographical origins of soldiers and locations of their service.



There’s a new online project called GB1900 that aims to create a complete list of the nearly three million place-names on early Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain. That would be for England, Scotland, and Wales.

The project is a collaboration between the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Wales, and the University of Portsmouth.

They are looking for volunteers to help with this project. The maps show every town and village. They also show every farm, hill and wood. Using the site’s software, you click on the map to enter a name for the place and you can add any personal memories you have of the place. Each name will need to be identically transcribed by two different volunteers to ensure correctness.

The end result will be the largest gazetteer ever created for Britain and it will be available free of charge for everyone to use.

GB1900 – Online Project – Great for Genealogists

ScotlandsPeople Updated Website

The new ScotlandsPeople website has launched. It took a few more days than anticipated but it is working now. The new site has a new look with some new features. You can view the site on different sized devices easily such as tablets and phones.

There’s a new enhanced search function to locate and view records with greater ease.

When you login at the new site you will see your credits and saved images and searches.

The National Records of Scotland operates ScotlandsPeople. They have contracted with a new vendor, CACI, for development, hosting, and maintenance of the site.

You will be able to search the indexes for birth, marriage, and death certificates for free. You can also search the Old Parish Register and Open Census records for free. You will be charged if you wish to view or download an image of the record.

The cost has increased from £7 for 30 credits to £7.50 for 30 credits. Thirty credits will enable customers to purchase 5 images at cost of £1.50 per image of a document. The increased cost allows free access to the record indexes for everyone. Credits must be used by one year of purchase.

There are new indexes for divorce and civil partnership. And there are new records for other non-conformist Presbyterian denominations. Not all of these records have been added to the site. Most of the records that have been added so far are for baptisms.

Sometime later the Kirk session records will be added. This will require a subscription to access, not credits.

The kirk session records contain the business of running the parish and it often concerns the morals of the parishioners. It may be useful for finding out the parentage of illegitimate children.

The kirk session was the lowest in the court system. It was run by the minister, elders and deacons.

New ScotlandsPeople website launch delayed again

More on the new ScotlandsPeople website

ScotlandPlaces Now Free

The record collections at ScotlandsPlaces is now free of charge. Some records in the past were free to access, now everything is free to access.

The sources for the collections come from the National Records of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland, and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (now part of Historic Environment Scotland).

Some of the types of records found at the site are historical tax rolls, ordnance survey name books, and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland archives.

There are some smaller collections and maps that can be found at the site.

ScotlandsPlaces records now free to access

More Entries to Birth Index at the Irish Genealogical Research Society Website

The Irish Genealogical Research Society has added about 10,000 new entries to its Birth Index. The update includes many records from the Index of Nuns, a CD publication by the Catholic Family History Society. Many of these nuns were from Ireland.

This addition doubles the size of the database for births.

Nonmembers can search the indexes to see if a surname is found. Members have full access to the records.

Significant Update to Society’s Early Irish Birth Index

2016 Day in the Life of a Genealogist

DearMYRTLE is asking genealogists to submit a video of themselves to be part of “A Day in the Life of a Genealogist.” You can post your video anywhere you like and submit it the comments of the blog post about this project.

The video is not meant to record your whole day, just 3 – 4 minutes that shows something you are doing.

Submission need to be in by October 29th.

2016 Day in the Life of a Genealogist

2016 Nordic Family Conference

FamilySearch is having the 2016 Nordic Family Conference from October 17th-21st. During this week the presentations will be available to view live as a webinar.

The times are mostly 11AM, 12:15PM, 1:30PM, 4PM, and 5:15PM Eastern.

On Monday the presentations will be

Best Practices for Nordic Ancestors in FamilySearch Family Tree
Feast Dates and Calendars
FamilySearch Wiki for Nordic Countries
Scandinavian Handwriting, part 1
Scandinavian Handwriting, part 2

Tuesday presentations will be
Research Your Swedish Heritage Using Arkiv Digital
Figure Out Place Names for Swedish Genealogy
Using Name Searchable Registers in Arkiv Digital
Parish Record Substitution
Introduction to Swedish Estate Inventories

Wednesday presentations will be
Migration, Travel papers, and Government Inns in Sweden
Jurisdictions for Swedish Genealogy
Learn by Doing: Mistaken Identity of Johanna Andersdotter (LAB)
Danish Military Research
Finland: An Introduction to Finnish Church Record Online Resources
An Introduction to Danish Census Records
Finland: A Case Study Using Hiski and Digitized Online Church Records

Thursday presentations will be
Danish Church Record Research: A Case Study
Using Witnesses to Find Your Danish Ancestors
Danish Probate Records
Research in Copenhagen
Introduction to Danish Land Records

Friday presentations will be
How to Find Ancestors in the Norwegian Digital Archives
Norwegian Military Records
Understanding Probate Records in Norway
Finding Ancestors in Online Norwegian Farm Books
The Norwegian Emigration Experience

Nordic Family History Conference

Other webinars happening include

Tuesday, October 18, 4:30PM Eastern
BYU Family History Library webinar
Using First Level Genealogical Sources: Vital Records, Censuses, Cemetery Records, Obituaries and Biographies
presented by James Tanner

Tuesday, October 18, 8PM Eastern
Board for Certification of Genealogists and Legacy Family Tree Webinars
Educational Preparation for Certification: May Paths to the Same Goal
presented by Angela Packer McGhie

Tuesday, October 18, 8pm eastern
Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Webinar
Roosevelt’s Tree Army: Genealogy Resources in the Civilian Conservation Corp
presented by Michael L. Strauss

Wednesday, October 19, 5:30PM Eastern
BYU Family History Library webinar
Understanding the Data in FamilySearch Family Tree
presented by Kathryn Grant

Wednesday, October 19, 8PM Eastern
Georgia Genealogical Society
African-American Genealogy and DNA
presented by Melvin J. Collier

Wednesday, October 19, 9PM Eastern
Southern California Genealogical Society Webinar
Genealogical Pits I’ve Fallen Into and How to Avoid Them!
presented by Pam Vestal

Thursday, October 20, 8PM Eastern
Florida State Genealogical Society Poolside Chat
Pits I Have Fallen In and How to Avoid Them
presented by Pam Vestal

Thursday, October 20, 9PM Eastern
Utah Genealogical Association
Studying Genealogy: A Personalized Approach
presented by Angela Packer McGhie

#genchat – What to do with… Too Many “Smiths”?
Friday, October 21, 10PM Eastern

Here are some things going on in the following week.

Monday, October 24, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Key Scotland Websites

Tuesday, October 25, 1PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Finding Your French Ancestors Online

Tuesday, October 25, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Hitting the Jackpot! Tracing Ancestry in Scotland’s Rich Civil Registration Records

October 26 – 27 10AM- 4PM Eastern
National Archive 2016 Virtual Genealogy Fair

Tuesdays topics will be
Introduction to Genealogy at the National Archives by Claire Kluskens
The Best National Archives Records Genealogists Aren’t Using by Lori Cox-Paul
National Archives Innovative Online Resources and Tools to Help with Your Genealogical Research by Sarah Swanson and Kelly Osborn
You too can be a Citizen Archivist! Getting the most out of the National Archives Catalog by Suzanne Isaacs and Meredith Doviak
Department of State Records for Genealogical Research by David Pfeiffer
American Battle Monuments Commission by Ryan Bass

Wednesdays topics will be
Nonpopulation Census: Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Social Statistics by Claire Kluskens
The Morning After – Changes as Reflected in Morning Reports by Theresa Fitzgerald
The Iwo Jima Flag Raisers – Chaos, Controversy and World War II Marine Corps Personnel Records by Bryan K. McGraw
What’s New in the Lou: A Look at the Latest Accessions at the National Archives at St. Louis by David Hardin
The Faces of the National Parks Service by Cara L. Moore
Closing Remarks by Acting Executive for Research Services Ann Cummings

Both days of the Virtual Genealogy Fair will be recorded and will be available on YouTube.

Wednesday, October 26, noon Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Research Logs: A Tool for Organizing Your Research

Wednesday, October 26, 2PM Eastern
Legacy Webinar
Flip for Flickr – Share, Store and Save Your Family Photos
presented by Maureen Taylor

Wednesday, October 26, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Scotland’s “Lost” Other Half: Tracing Difficult Ancestral Lines in Scotland’s Non-Parochial (Church) Registers

Wednesday, October 26, 5:30PM Eastern
BYU Family History Library webinar
Answers Hiding in Plain Sight: Using What You Know to Discover What You Don’t Know
presented by Kathryn Grant

Thursday, October 27, 1PM Eastern
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Webinar
Guide to I&N History

Thursday, October 27, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Using Church of Scotland Parochial Registers to Trace Scots Ancestry

Friday, October 28, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Your British Questions Answered

You can find all the webinars mentioned and more at the calendar at

And that’s it for this episode.

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This is episode 91.

Thanks for listening.

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