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Today is Wednesday December 19, 2018 and this is Episode 126.

Cyndi’s List

Many of you probably have heard of and use Cyndi’s List. I personally subscribe to her mailing list to find out what’s been added and changed at Cyndi’s List.

The mailing list has been quiet for sometime. Cyndi recently sent out an update. She has been using the RootsWeb mailing list. As you may know RootsWeb has been offline for about a year. There was a security breach with usernames and passwords for RootsWeb being found on the Internet. Ancestry who acquired RootsWeb in 2000 took it down to improve security and make enhancements.

Parts of RootsWeb have been coming back online in the last few months. The mailing list for Cyndi’s list is back. RootsWeb has a new mailing list platform and there were some technical problems that had to be figured out before a message could be sent using the mailing list.

Cyndi did not have a copy of the subscribers to her mailing list. She does not keep the email addresses because she does not sell them or use them inappropriately. In the future Cyndi will be saving all the email addresses but will stick to her privacy policy to ensure the email addresses are only used to communicate about Cyndi’s List.

Cyndi’s List has not had many updates during the last year. Cyndi’s mother has moved in with her so Cyndi can help her. Her mother had a stroke that was caught right away and treated. Her mother is doing well and her mother’s house is now ready to be sold.

Cyndi says she is ready to get back to work and she will be processing the backlog of links and emails. She maintains the site by herself and she does have expenses related to the site. Please consider making a donation. You will find a donate button on every page.

Cyndi’s List

23andMe Customers Can Print a Book

23andMe customers can print a book called The Story of Your DNA. The book will include Ancestry Composition, your Neanderthal ancestry, and the traits you share with your DNA Relatives. It will also contain what your DNA says about where you came from.

There will be details about human migration and cultural touchstones from the places your DNA traces to.

You can order a book for yourself right now. In the future you will be able to order books as a gift for someone you share DNA with.

23andMe is working with Blurb to create the book. Blurb is website where you can make your own books.

23andMe Helps You Write The Story of Your DNA

New Website for Y-DNA and Mitochondrial DNA

There’s a new website that lets you upload Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA. It can be found at

Although Family Tree DNA lets you find matches for Y-DNA and mtDNA, the new website lets anyone from other testing companies to upload DNA and the new website plans to have different comparison and searching options.

The website is free but they accept donations. Currently uploads to the site will be used so they can move into the beta phase to do some analysis and tool development.

Genesis at GEDmatch

GEDmatch is upgrading its website to use a new version called Genesis. All new kits uploaded to the site will use the new technology called Genesis. This is the new matching technology for GEDmatch. It will allow lower thresholds to be used and provide better accuracy.

Previously, Genesis was used to upload data from companies that were not compatible with GEDmatch. The original GEDmatch database and the database used for Genesis are being merged.

The old version will be called Classic GEDmatch.

Genesis at GEDmatch

Ancestry’s Take on Genetic Traits

AncestryDNA Traits has been announced. This is an interactive experience that allows you to discover up to 18 traits and attributes that you’ve inherited from your ancestors. The traits are

Sweet sensitivity
Savory or umami sensitivity
Bitter sensitivity
Cilantro aversion
Asparagus metabolite detection
Eye color
Male hair loss
Hair type such as curly or straight
Hair color
Hair strand thickness
Iris patterns
Cleft chin
Finger length
Skin pigmentation
Earlobe shape
Earwax type

You can find out if your traits are the same or different than your relatives and people with the same ethnicity as you.

You don’t need to do another AncestryDNA test but to see your traits it will cost $9.99.

Ancestry Launches a New Take on Genetic Traits

Fold3 Adds More States to WWII Draft Registration Card Collection

Fold3 has added four more states to its collection of U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards. They have added cards from Montana, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. These are the cards that were required to be filled out. They do not necessarily indicate that the individual served in the military.

WWII Draft Registration Card Collection update

New Records at MyHeritage

MyHeritage has announced recent records that have added to the site. They previously announced at their recent conference the additional indexed records to the Swedish Household Examination Books for the years 1930 – 1947. This collection is also available are ArkivDigital, the Swedish records subscription site.

MyHeritage has added the following new collections which are indexes:

New York marriage licenses from 1950 to 2017
West Virginia Births from 1853-1914
Ohio Deaths from 1913-1944, 1954-1963
Petitions for naturalization filed in the Northern Illinois Circuit Court from 1840-1950
Naturalization documents filed in courts in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont from 1791- 1906
Names of pupils from 171 schools in Queensland Australia from 1866 to 2003

Remember these are indexes.

Next they have added some newspapers. They’ve added newspapers from Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia and Washington,

New Historical Records Added in November 2018

Findmypast and Living DNA

Findmypast now supports DNA results from Living DNA. Last  July they announced a partnership with Living DNA. Living DNA breaks down ethnic identities associated with 21 regions across Britain and Ireland. With this break down combined with Findmypast data, family historians will be able to make new discoveries about their British and Irish genetic history.

The results from a Living DNA test is now connected to Findmypast’s archive of more than 9 billion historical records.

Findmypast Partners with Living DNA to Launch the Most Detailed Ancestry Discovery Experience

New Records at Findmypast

Now for what’s been added at Findmypast.

More records have been added to the collection of National Archive’s First World War Soldiers’ Medical Records. Index cards and POW records covering the years 1939 to 1945 have been added to the British Army, Honourable Artillery Company collection.

The King’s Royal Rifle Corps Chronicles have been added. This regiment was created during the Boer war and continued to the end of the First World War.

Books about the Rifle Brigade have been added for the years 1890 – 1920.

A roll of honor that was inscribed with the details of the employees from the Board of Trade who lost their lives during the Great War has been added. There is also a new roll of honor for some Scottish soldiers who serve in the Great War.

You can search through more than 40 volumes of the Dictionary of National Biography from 1885 to 1904. These volumes list the life achievements of the person with the names of their children and spouse.

More images have been added to the collection of British Directories and Almanacs.

Lots of different records have been added for Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a port city in Hampshire. Records have been added for poor rate books, St James Hospital, police staff records, trade directories and burials. The Quarter Sessions form the area have been added as a browsable collection. More images have been added to the electoral registers for Portsmouth.

Some more baptisms records have been added for London. They include the parishes of St Matthias, Poplar and St Peter, and Bethnal Green.

Baptisms, marriages, and burials have been added for the Cheshire Diocese of Chester.

More than 500,000 early marriage records have been added. They go back as early as 1115. There are fifteen English counties with early marriage records. Some of them are London, Lancashire, Suffolk, Exeter, Lincoln, Yorkshire, and more.

Five publications have been added that explain the history of Leicestershire. Also, some publications have been added from Gloucestershire.

Scottish baptism have been added from the Free Church of Scotland in Caithness, Cromarty-shire, Inverness-shire, Moray, Ross-shire, and Sutherland.

Pennsylvania Cemetery & Burial records for the years 1700 – 1950 have been added as a browsable collection.

Findmypast Friday November 16

Findmypast Friday November 23rd

Findmypast Friday November 30th

Findmypast Friday December 7th

Findmypast Friday December 14th

Findmypast App

Findmypast now has an app. It’s available for Android and iOS devices.

With the app you can search and add to your Findmpast tree, find more ancestors with Findmypast hints, upload photos, show your family history to friends and relatives, get tips to help grow your family tree, and use the Findmypast website.

Introducing the Findmypast App

More new records at FamilySearch

The following are new indexed records and images collections
Idaho, Madison County Records
Tennessee, Jackson County Records, 1801–1974
Virginia, County Marriage Records, 1771–1943
Washington, World War I Veteran’s Compensation Fund Application Records, 1921–1925

These collections are new indexed record collections
Alabama, World War I Service Cards, 1917–1919
Arizona, Gila County, Cemetery Records, 1927–1994
England, Northamptonshire, Non-conformist Records, 1840–1894
Georgia, Reconstruction Registration Oath Books, 1867–1868
Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1500-1971
Indiana, World War I, Enrollment Cards, 1919
Ireland Census, 1901
Ireland Census, 1911
Mississippi, World War I Army Veterans, Master alphabetical index, 1917–1918
Portugal, Aveiro, Civil Registration, 1911-1915
Texas, Cooke County, Deeds, 1895-1924
United States, Florida, Index to Alien Arrivals by Airplane at Miami, 1930–1942
Virginia, Jewish Cemetery Records Index, ca. 1800–1986

Next these collections have indexed records added to an existing collection
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Civil Registration, 1829–2012
Benin, Civil Registration of Deaths, 1891-2014
BillionGraves Index
Costa Rica, Civil Registration, 1823-1975
Honduras, Civil Registration, 1841-1968
Indiana Marriages, 1811–2007
Iowa, Death Records, 1904–1951
Ireland Census, 1901
Peru, Áncash, Civil Registration, 1888–2005
South Africa, Transvaal, Civil Marriages, 1870-1930
Ukraine, Kiev Confession Lists, 1741–1918
United States Census, 1930
United States, Veterans Administration Master Index, 1917–1940
West Virginia Will Books, 1756–1971

The following states have had indexed records added for marriages or county records

Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont,  Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

New Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of November 12, 2018

New Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of November 19, 2018

New Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of December 3, 2018

FamilySearch Italian Records

FamilySearch has announced the release of over 150 million Italian genealogical records. These records are the result of collaboration between FamilySearch, the Italian government, the Italian State Archives, and many other archives.

There are over 200 years of digitized images of birth, marriage, death, and other significant family history records from all regions of Italy. The records will eventually be indexed. They are just starting indexing.

FamilySearch will finish digitizing the civil records of all the Italian provinces in 2019, but the indexes that make the records easily searchable by name will take many more years

FamilySearch Unlocking Centuries of Italian Ancestry Records

Reclaim the Records Wants Database of US Veteran History

The latest lawsuit filed by Reclaim the Records is for the Beneficiary Identification Records Locator Subsystem (BIRLS) Death File

Quoting from the press release.

“This database contains basic information on about fourteen million deceased American veterans who served in the US military and then later received benefits from the VA, such as healthcare or the GI Bill, between approximately 1850-2017. Each record includes the veteran’s dates of birth and death, dates of enlistment and release, and branch of service. Some years have a little more information available than others, including the veteran’s basic cause of death (i.e. natural or combat-related), gender, and possibly other fields.”

End quote.

Reclaim the Records finds historical and genealogical data sets that aren’t widely available and requests to acquire copies of these records under Freedom of Information laws. Once they obtain access to the records they make them freely available to the public.

This database about US veterans can be found at Fold3, which is owned by Ancestry. This is a subscription site. Reclaim the Records is trying to get these public records freely available to the public.

Veterans Records the Target of Reclaim The Records FOI Lawsuit

World War I Newspaper Clippings

The Library of Congress has placed online their collection of newspaper clippings from World War I. That would be for the years from 1914 to 1926. There are war-related front pages, illustrated feature articles, editorial cartoons, and more.

You can search be keyword and specify what years. Of course, you can also browse the collection.

World War I: A Wartime Clipping Service Update: All 400 Volumes Now Online

Library of Congress New LibGuides

The Library of Congress compiles subject guides to help researcher get a better sense of the contents on a particular subject and find the resources at the Library of Congress. They are now using a new platform called LibGuides.

The first guide in this new format is for images related to American Indian history and culture. When viewing the research guide you make the following selections – Selected Collections, Searching for Images, Major Reference Works and Related Resources. You can browse the featured content gallery to see examples of the kind of images you will find in the collections.

New LibGuide for Finding Native American Visual Resources

Stanford University Places Sanborn Insurance Maps Online

Stanford University has placed its collection of Sanborn insurance maps online. These maps were fire insurance maps published by the Sanborn Map Company. They show the location of buildings and roads, placement of windows and doors, and the material used to build the building,

The Stanford collection consists of mostly maps for California. There are a few maps from the states of Kentucky, Nevada and Maine

Sanborn fire insurance map collection online

Digital Library of Georgia Adds Scrapbook for Civil War

The Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) has placed online a nineteenth-century ledger and scrapbook that features entries from the Civil War period recorded by employees of the Central Rail Road and Banking Company of Georgia.

The ledger spans four years and contains detailed information about the Carpentry Shop in the Central’s Savannah Shops. It includes fabricating weapons for the war effort and construction of the Passenger Shed which is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

There is also a scrapbook that contains clippings from the 1870s and 1890s.

Nineteenth-century ledger and scrapbook that documents the Civil War period in Savannah now available online

Additions to DigitalNC

DigitalNC, the online library for institutions across North Carolina, has added a few new things.

Over 90 issues that span nearly the entire run of Lambda, UNC Chapel Hill‘s LGBQT student newspaper are available. One hundred issues of the Carolina Union Farmer have been added. This represents the complete publication of the paper that ran from 1911 to 1913. And seven issues of East Wind, a publication of UNC Chapel Hill‘s Asian Students Association, are now available.

Maps and blueprints have been added from the Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach areas.

Scrapbooks from the Nashville Business and Professional Women’s Club and scrapbooks covering the years 1920-1974 from High Point Heritage Research Center have been digitized and are now available.

The first batch of items from Robersonville Public Library includes several yearbooks from Robersonville High School, as well as Abstracts of Deed Books, Robersonville Cemetery Records, and books on the history of Martin County.

Some new photographs and sketches of Kings Mountain have now been digitized and uploaded to DigitalNC. And more photographs have been added from Central Carolina Community College.

An issue from 1854 of The Casket, the student literary magazine of the Chowan Female Collegiate Institute is available.

And a cookbook from 1924 has been added. This cookbook was compiled and published by the Ladies Aid Society of Farmington, North Carolina.

Select issues of UNC Chapel Hill’s Asian Students Association publication East Wind now online at DigitalNC

Nine new scrapbooks covering 1920-1974 from High Point Heritage Research Center now on DigitalNC

Nashville Business and Professional Women’s Club Scrapbooks Now Online at DigitalNC

Over 90 issues of Lambda, UNC’s LGBTQ student newspaper, now online at DigitalNC!

Sketches of the Battle of Kings Mountain and More Now Online

New Images from Central Carolina Community College Now Online at DigitalNC

100 Issues of The Carolina Union Farmer now online at DigitalNC

Maps, Sketches, and Blueprints on DigitalNC from our new partner Wrightsville Beach Museum of History

1962 Pep-Pac from Henderson, NC now on DigitalNC

A New Partner Means New Materials from Robersonville and Martin County

1924 Cookbook from Davie County Public Library Now Online at DigitalNC!

Newspapers to be Digitized ad DigitalNC

DigitalNC has decided what newspapers will be digitized in 2019. They prioritize the newspapers based on those that document underrepresented communities, new titles, papers that come from a county that currently has little representation on DigitalNC, and papers nominated by new partners.

The following titles will be digitized:

Carolinian (Raleigh)
Chatham Record (Pittsboro)
Chowan Herald (Edenton
Concord Times
Goldsboro News
Yancey Record / Journal

The newspapers should be available by mid-2019.

Microfilmed Newspaper Nominations Selected for Digitization, 2019 Adds Papers from New Jersey and Kentucky, a subscription site run by Ancestry, has add the New Jersey newspaper, The Coast Star. This newspaper was from the beachside community of Manasquan.

They have also added a newspaper from Kentucky. The Franklin Favorite served the surrounding communities of Franklin, Kentucky.

New Papers From New Jersey and Kentucky!

Oakland University Student Newspaper

The student newspaper for Oakland University has been digitized and made available online. Oakland University is located in Rochester, Michigan. The first issue that was published in 1959 along with 5,600 additional issues can be found at Oakland University’s online repository. It’s available to everyone.

Gold mine: Student newspaper archive goes online

New Zealand Newspaper Timaru Herald Will Be Digitized

More issues of a newspaper will be added to the National Library of New Zealand Papers Past website. The newspaper is the Timaru Herald. This newspaper is for South Canterbury.

More than sixty years of the newspaper has already been digitized. That would be for the years 1864 to 1920.

The Timaru Library has received funds to digitize the years 1921 to 1945 and add those years to the archive. They should be available by November, 2019.

Timaru Library receives $39,000 to digitise 25 years of history

Free Access to Canadiana Starting January 1, 2019

The site Canadiana will be free starting January 1, 2019. There are more than 60 million pages of Canadian digital documentary heritage available at the site. It is the largest online collection of early textual Canadian in the world.

Making this collection freely available is the results of the merger between, a not-for-profit charity, and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), a not-for-profit partnership of 75 Canadian universities. This merger occurred this past April.

The merged organization wanted widespread access to the collection and making it free helps to achieve that goal.

Over 60 Million Pages of Digitized Canadian Documentary Heritage Soon To Be Available At No Charge

Kelowna and District Genealogical Society Digitized Collected Material

Kelowna and District Genealogical Society (KDGS) in British Columbia has been collecting information about burials and obituaries. From the information they created 16 books. These books contain maps, photographs, personal stories, and history of the local areas.

They have digitized these books and they are available online at the University of British Columbia Okanagan website. The books are searchable.

Kelowna and District Genealogical Society compiles and digitizes obituaries, local history, photos

More Records Added to the LAFRANCE Database

More records have been added to the LAFRANCE database at the subscription site Genealogy Quebec. The site is run by the Drouin Institute.

The recent additions include baptisms and burials from 1850 – 1861. This is an update. So if you didn’t find your ancestors during 1850 – 1861, you should look again.

These updates are being done gradually through bimonthly updates.

30 000 baptism and burial records added to the LAFRANCE

Prince Edward Island May Open Adoption Records

Prince Edward Island may open adoption records. Next spring legislative changes will be introduced to let anyone who has been affected by adoption to have an option to protect their identity through a veto.

Details on the legislation will be announced in the coming months. There will be about a yearlong period of public comment before any changes are made.

Prince Edward Island will become the last province in Canada to open its adoption records. Two territories in Canada, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, still have closed records.

Prince Edward Island to open adoption records

Vancouver Sun Added to

The Vancouver Sun’s archives are available at the subscription site Vancouver is located in British Columbia, Canada.

Issues from 1912 to within a month of the current publishing date are available at the site.

Archives from The Province are currently being scanned and should be available soon. This is a tabloid newspaper published in British Columbia.

The Vancouver Sun is the other major daily newspaper in British Columbia and it is a broadsheet newspaper – a more serious and less sensationalist newspaper than a tabloid.

If you are a subscriber to these newspapers, you will have access to the last two years of the newspapers in a digital version.

Vancouver Sun archives digitized, Province to follow The Vancouver Sun

Issues from the 1970s of The British Colonist Online in Early 2019

The British Colonist newspaper from Victoria, British Colombia, has been online for a while now. The issues from 1858 – 1970 can be found at Issues from the 1970s will be added in early 2019.

History available at your fingertips in online archive

Canadian Gusto TV New Show DNA Dinners

There is a new show called DNA Dinners on Canada’s food and lifestyle channel Gusto TV. The series will explore the diverse heritage of 16 individuals who discover their roots after an AncestryDNA test.

In each episode the guest will receive their results of the AncestryDNA test and with a chef, they will explore their newly discovered background by making iconic dishes and learning cooking techniques from their culture.

The meal is shared with the individual’s family at a party where they share their new found heritage.

New TV cooking series combines DNA tests with food

TheGenealogist Release Parish Records for Warwickshire

TheGenealogist, a subscription site in the UK, has released more parish records for its Warwickshire collection. The new records cover Midland county.

This is the final release of parish records for Warwickshire. The parish records contain baptisms, marriages and burials.

TheGenealogist has also added records of prisoners who were locked up in Newgate prison along with any alias they were known by as well as the names of their victims. The records cover the years from 1791 to 1849.

New release of Parish Records for Warwickshire with images

Newgate Prison Records on TheGenealogist

International Tracing Service Adds Records of Holocaust Survivors

The online archive of the International Tracing Service (ITS) has added over 400,000 records of Holocaust survivors, former concentration camp inmates and forced laborers who were in the care of the International Refugee Organization (IRO) in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and England after World War II.

Last June the ITS published files from German displaced persons camps.

During World War II many people were uprooted and deported by the Nazis and their allies. Others fled their home countries because of the War. After the war many were unable or unwilling to return to their countries of origin. The International Refugee Organization helped these people and they became known as Displaced Persons.

They filled out questionnaires that tell their story. These documents are being placed online for anyone to access.

This makes more than two million documents available. They can be searched by name.

More Than Two Million ITS Documents Online

ITS Online Archive

Sweden Dödbok

The latest version of the Sweden dödbok has been released. This is version 7 and it contains all deaths that occurred in Sweden from the year 1860 to 2016. Once the deaths for 2017 are released, those who bought version 7 will be able to download the deaths for 2017 as a supplement.

It’s available on a DVD or USB stick. The cost is about 67 US dollars.

It’s available for both Windows and Mac. However, they are working on a bug that prevents it from running on the latest Mac version called Mojave.

Tomorrow Friday, the Dead Book will be released

ArkivDigital Search Photographs Using Interactive Map

ArkivDigital has been adding aerial photographs to its site. They now have an interactive map for searching for photographs.

Each photograph will have a pin on a map and when you hover over the pin an information box will display something about the image. By using the map you can easily locate where your ancestor was living.

Search for Aerial Photographs using an Interactive Map

ArkivDigital Sweden’s Population for 1940

ArkivDigital will release Sweden’s Population for 1940 before Christmas. This can be useful to find living relatives in Sweden.

Now release AD 1940

Applications Being Accepted for Allt för Sverige

The Swedish program Allt för Sverige or the Great Swedish Adventure is accepting applications for filming in the Summer of 2019.

The show is about Swedish Americans who go to Sweden to learn about their Swedish roots. Along the way they compete to win the grand prize which is meeting their Swedish relatives.

Applications are open to Americans who have never been to Sweden. You submit a video that explains why you are interested in your Swedish heritage and why you should be picked to be on the show. Applications need to be submitted by January 20, 2019.

Casting for Allt för Sverige

World War I Slovenia Database

There is a new database that lists the names of those killed during World War I who were from Slovenia. The database is not complete. Many more documents need to be examined and the names will be added.

First Database of Slovenia’s WW1 Military Dead Now Online

Heredis 2019

Heredis 2019 has been released. In this version. Some new features are

Visually view the family tree by using colors for locations
New input grid for inputting information from a census
Edit custom reports
New maps that display city limits
More information displayed for ancestors in the FamilySearch Family Tree

When you purchase Heredis you will activate the software by logging into your account. No need to enter a software key.

You can try the new version by using the trial version found at the Heredis website.

The 2019 Version of Heredis is Now Available

Legacy Family Tree Webinars Closed Captioning

Legacy Family Tree Webinars has announced that closed captioning is available for webinars that were recorded since May 1, 2018. It is also available for the most popular 50 webinars and all MyHeritage-specific webinars. Legacy is owned by MyHeritage.

Closed captioning will be available as an option for all live webinars.

Plans for 2019 include hosting of webinars in non-English languages and translating English captions to select foreign languages. Adds Captioning to Hundreds of Genealogy and DNA Education

RootsTech Keynote Speaker Jake Shimabukuro

Another keynote speaker has been announced for RootsTech. It’s the Ukulele Master Musician Jake Shimabukuro. He is very popular in Hawaii.

He will speak on Saturday, March 2nd and he will talk about his inspiring story as well as play some music.

RootsTech 2019 Announces Keynote Speaker: Ukulele Master Musician Jake Shimabukuro

RootsTech Keynote Speaker Patricia Heaton

And Patricia Heaton will be a keynote speaker at RootsTech on Thursday, February 28. She is an actress. She was best known as Deborah Baron on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and Frankie Heck on The Middle.

Patricia Heaton will be talking about faith, family, and supporting one another.

Emmy Award-Winning Actress Patricia Heaton to Keynote RootsTech 2019

RootsTech 2019 Live Stream Schedule

RootsTech has announced the live stream schedule for the 2019 conference. The livestream will start on Wednesday, February 27, at 11:30 AM Eastern. All the keynotes will be streamed along with selected sessions.

RootsTech 2019 Free Live Stream Schedule

Registration for National Genealogical Society’s 2019 Family History Conference

Registration for the National Genealogical Society’s 2019 Family History Conference has opened. The conference will be held May 8 – 11 in St. Charles, Missouri.

A new website is being used for registration. If you have a NGS account, you will need to reset your password in order to use the new site. Non-members will need to create an account in order to register.

Registration Will Open Thursday 6 December for the National Genealogical Society’s 2019 Family History Conference

Registration Is Open for New England Regional Genealogical Conference

Registration is now open for the New England Regional Genealogical Conference. This conference is held every two years. The 2019 conference will be held in Manchester, New Hampshire, April 3 to 6. The featured speakers are Blaine Bettinger, Thomas Jones, and Cyndi Ingle.

New England Regional Genealogical Conference registration opens

Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree Website

The website for the Southern California Genealogical Society’s 50th Jamboree is available. You can find information about the Jamboree at the website. Registration will open January 7th.

The Jamboree will be held May 31 – June 2, 2019 in Burbank, California.

Jamboree 50th Birthday Bash Website Now Open!

Ontario Genealogical Society 2020 Conference

The Ontario Genealogical Society has announced information about their conference to be held in 2020. It will be held in Hamilton at the Hamilton Convention Centre, June 5 to 7, 2020.

The 2019 conference will be held in London, Ontario, June 21 to 23.

Ontario Genealogical Society announces 2020 conference dates and location

Be sure to check out the calendar at for the webinars coming up and the RootsTech live streaming schedule. So far for 2019 webinars have been announced from the Board for Certification of Genealogists, Illinois State Genealogical Society, Southern California Genealogical Society and a new series from Legacy Family Tree Webinars focusing on Australia.

The Germanic Genealogy Society and the Georgia Genealogical Society have announced a few of the webinars that will be scheduled in 2019. More to come for the rest of the year.

The calendar also has all the Google Hangouts that are scheduled, events going on in Second Life, and online events that you pay for.

And that’s it for this episode.

You can send email to

You can find links to things mentioned in this show in the show notes at as well as a transcript. The transcript can also be found in the Geneatopia Flipboard magazine.

This is episode 126.

Thanks for listening.

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