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Today is Thursday August 9, 2018 and this is Episode 120.

Ancestry, 23andMe and Other DNA Testing Companies Pledge to Embrace Best Practices with DNA

Ancestry, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, and some other DNA testing companies have pledged to follow new guidelines about sharing your DNA. The companies will get the consumers’ consent before turning over any genetic information to other businesses or third parties.

There will be yearly reports about law enforcement requests. You will have the ability to delete your accounts and have your genetic data destroyed if you wish.

These new guidelines were being developed months before the Golden Gate Serial Killer was found using the website GEDmatch.

The guidelines are voluntary.

Ancestry, 23andMe and others say they will follow these rules when giving DNA data to businesses or police

23andMe and GlaxoSmithKline Collaboration

23andMe and GlaxoSmithKline have entered in to a four-year collaboration with an option to extend to a fifth year. 23andMe genetic data will be used for drug research. The genetic data will be grouped together so that individuals will not be identified.

23andMe customers can choose to participate in research. It’s estimated that about 80% for 23andMe’s five million customers choose to participate.

GSK and 23andMe sign agreement to leverage genetic insights for the development of novel medicines

23andMe iPad App

23andMe has a new iPad app. With the app, customers can access their genetic data.

The map for viewing Ancestry Composition is bigger and more interactive with animation.

All the filters are now available for sorting DNA relatives. This helps to narrow down the relative you are looking for.

Tapping a connection from the Connections list will show more information and lets you quickly send messages.

More improvements are planned for the app in the future.

23andMe’s New iPad App

FamilySearch Adds Netherlands Records

FamilySearch recently added 29 million records from the Netherlands. This now makes over 65 million free images and indexes for the Netherlands collection. Most of these collections are browsable. They are not indexed.

FamilySearch Adds 29 Million Netherlands Records

New Records at FamilySearch

More new records at FamilySearch

New browsable image collection
Italy, Palermo, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1820-1947

New indexed record collections
France, Paris, Identity Cards, 1792-1795
New Jersey, Bride Index, 1930-1938
United States, Native American, Census Rolls, 1885-1940
United States, Veteran’s Administration Master Index, 1917-1940
Utah, Uintah County, Ute Indian Census, 1910

Next these collections have indexed records added to an existing collection
Belgium, Namur, Civil Registration, 1800-1912
BillionGraves Index
California, Airplane Passenger Lists from Honolulu, Hawaii, 1947-1948
England, Northumberland, Parish Registers, 1538-1950
England, Warwickshire, Parish Registers, 1535-1984
France, Vital Records, 1542-1900
Germany, Baden, Church Book Duplicates, 1804-1877
Great Britain, War Office Registers, 1772-1935
Hungary, Jewish Vital Records Index, 1800-1945
Ireland Civil Registration, 1845-1913
Italy, Teramo, Teramo, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1866-1940
Luxembourg, Civil Registration, 1796-1941
Maryland, Baltimore, Lock Funeral Home Records, 1936-2007
New York State Census, 1905
North Carolina, Davidson County Vital Records, 1867-2006
Peru, La Libertad, Civil Registration, 1903-1998
Sweden, Household Examination Books, 1880-1930
Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860
Tennessee Deaths, 1914-1966
Texas, El Paso Alien Arrivals, 1909-1924
Washington, Pierce County Marriage Returns, 1891-1938

This next collection has added images to an existing collection
Italy, Chieti, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1930

The next collection has had indexed records and images added to an existing collection
British Newspaper Archive, Family Notices

New Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of July 23, 2018

New Historical Records for July 30, 2018

New Historical Records at Family Search for August 6, 2018

FamilySearch Pioneer Discovery Experience Online

FamilySearch has placed online the FamilySearch Pioneer Discovery Experience. FamilySearch and the Church History Library have partnered to help members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other descendants of the pioneers find information about their pioneer heritage.

There is a page for each ancestor with information about the pioneer company they were part of, their age at departure, the number of days on the trail, and the city and state where they left. A time line shows key events that likely influenced the ancestor’s life.

FamilySearch Pioneer Discovery Experience Online

Ancestry Closing Orem, Utah Call Center

Ancestry is closing its call center located in Orem, Utah. They have formed a partnership with a customer contact business that will be the call center.

Ancestry says that as it gets more customers they need help to continue to provide a high level of service to its customers.

Ancestry employees who worked at the call center will be able to interview for open positions within Ancestry and they can apply for work-at-home roles with the new partner to continue supporting Ancestry customers.

The closing of the call center will be completed by the end of the year. Closing the call center will affect less than 100 employees.

Ancestry to Close its Orem, Utah Call Center

New Records at MyHeritage

MyHeritage has updated two of its collections — The Ellis Island & Other Passenger List collection and The Sweden Household Examination Books collection.

The Ellis Island & Other Passenger List collection has added 16.7 million records. This collection contains information about the millions of immigrants who arrived in New York between 1820 and 1957.

The Sweden Household Examination Books have added 3.6 million new records. This will be the final installment to this collection.

The Sweden Household Examination Books are the primary source for researching individuals and families throughout the parishes of Sweden. The parish priest recorded information about families in these books. Information such as birth, marriage, and death dates as well as changes in residence were recorded.

MyHeritage has also added a collection for deaths in West Virginia and the 1835 Denmark census.

New Historical Records Added in June 2018

Findmypast Partners with Living DNA

Findmypast has formed a partnership with the British-based DNA testing company Living DNA. This will get Findmypast into the DNA business.

The two companies plan to create a new DNA experience for uncovering British and Irish roots.

Living DNA breaks down ethnic identities associated with 21 regions across Britain and Ireland. With this break down combined with Findmypast data, family historians will be able to make new discoveries about their British and Irish genetic history.

Living DNA test kits can be purchased from the Findmypast website. Kits cost $99. Co-branded kits will be launched when the new integrated Findmypast and Living DNA service is introduced this Fall.

To celebrate the partnership with Findmypast, Living DNA is offering additional features if you upload your DNA from another testing company by October 1, 2018. You will get beta access to the DNA matching system to find new unknown relatives when it becomes available and a high-resolution ethnicity break down of your results.

If you would like to take a Living DNA test, it is 10% off during the month of August.

New partnership between Findmypast and Living DNA

Living DNA Upload Your DNA File

Living DNA offers 10% discount throughout August

New Records at Findmypast

Now for some new records added to Findmypast.

Lots of records have been added for the parish registers from Lancashire. This includes baptisms, banns and marriages, and burials.

There has been an update to the 1939 Register. Over 37,000 records have been opened. These were closed before because the person may still have been alive.

Some pdf files for registers from Berkshire, Durham, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Devon, and Cheshire have been added. Also PDF files for historical publications about the Jacobites and the Jacobite Rising in Scotland. And PDF files with lists of Royal Navy Officers for the years 1827 to 1945 have been added at Findmypast.

New records have been added for the Scots Guard.

Some collections for Scotland have been added. These include
• Scotland, Edinburgh marriages for the years 1595 to 1800
• The last will and testaments for the years 1514 to 1800
• Scotland, Edinburgh Apprentices for the years 1583 to 1700

More additions have been added to the Greater London burial index.

An index compiled for the Queensland inquest file from the Justice Department covering the years from 1859 to 1897 has been added.

And an index for obituaries from the Illinois newspaper the Pekin Times have been added. This collection comes from FamilySearch.

Lots of additions have been added to the British and Irish Newspaper collections. I’ll have a link in the show notes where you can find out more information.

Findmypast Friday July 13th

Findmypast Friday July 20th

Findmypast Friday July 27th

Findmypast Friday August 3rd

Gedcom Publisher

The genealogy hosting company Family History Hosting has products to produce personal genealogy websites. They are called Second Site and GedSite. They have a new product called Gedcom Publisher.

Gedcom Publisher creates an eBook in the EPUB format from a GEDCOM file. GEDCOM is a format that genealogy programs can export data to.

With Gedcom Publisher you can select the people who will be in the book. You can add other content such as text and images.

Gedcom Publisher is a Windows program and costs $25.

Now It’s Easy to Publish Your Family History in an Electronic Book with Gedcom Publisher

Updates to RootsFinder

RootsFinder is an online family tree site. They have partnered with American Ancestors, Findmypast, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Ancestry, FindAGrave and BillionGraves to search for records about your ancestors. A web clipper extension allows you to copy the records that are found to your tree at RootsFinder.

RootsFinder was a runner-up in the RootsTech 2018 DNA Innovation contest. There are DNA tools that allow you to upload data from GEDmatch to compare kits.

There is a segment view that shows blocks representing your chromosomes and the segments you share with matching kits. And there is a Triangulation View that shows clusters of related kits. The DNA tools are part of the free plan only until August 2018. They will then be part of the pro plan in order to fund continued development in this area.

RootsFinder is free with ads or you can pay $35/year for the pro version that removes the ads and gives you additional storage and advanced features.

They recently released some new updates. There’s a new DNA circle view. It shows triangulation groups arranged around a circle to easily see all the kit numbers. This will show the level of endogamy or intermarriage in your tree.

Another new feature is the WebClipper and ToDo Creator browser extension for Firefox. They are already available as Chrome extensions. These tools make it quick and easy to add information to your RootsFinder tree from the major online genealogy sites.

Hints have been added for Geni, RootsPoint, WeRelate and WikiTree. Hints have been available for FamilySearch, Findmypast, AmericanAncestors, and NewspaperArchive.

Lots of enhancements have been made based on user feedback. Some of those include infographics and research logs.

RootsFinder Online Family Tree Program Updates

Gramps Version 5 Released

There is a new version of Gramps, the genealogy program for keeping track of your ancestors. The latest version is version 5.

This is a major version for the program.

With this version you can choose what database you want to use to store your data. The BSDDB database is still the default but you can change it to Sqlite. Other options are PostgreSql or MongoDB.

The new color schemes allow for a light and dark choice. There’s a new 2-way fan chart view.

There are some new report options for date and place format and privacy. Some enhancements have been made to geography and places. And Gramps now supports kml files that are used for displaying data in Google Earth.

Gramps is a free program that works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Gramps 5.0.0 Released

New Jersey Death Index Available from Reclaim the Records

Reclaim the Records has obtained the New Jersey Death Index. They were able to get about half for the years 1920-1924, all for 1925-1929, and then from 1949 to 2017.

The files prior to 2001 are available in PDF format. They are scanned images of typeset pages from old dot-matrix printouts. And the newer files from 2001-2017 are in two spreadsheet files that were exported from the state’s own databases and are text-searchable immediately.

All of these records can be found at There is an index for the records from 2001 – 2017. The other years are browsable.

Reclaim the Records – More of the New Jersey Death Index Online

History of Indianapolis Public Schools Online

The Indianapolis Public Library in Indiana has placed thousands of files and pictures depicting the history of Indianapolis Public Schools online. The items go back to the 1800s.

There are newsletters, yearbooks, board meeting minutes, school histories, scrapbooks and staff biographies. Also included are photos of students, school staff and the schools.

Other projects are to digitize the histories of the Indianapolis Fire Department, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Indy Parks. These projects should be completed by 2020.

IPS digital collection will launch this week with access to photos and files dating back to 1800s

Spelman Archives at Digital Library of Georgia

Spelman College is a private, liberal arts, women’s college located in Atlanta, Georgia. Many of the materials found in the Spelman Archives can be found online at the Digital Library of Georgia.

The Spelman Messenger, the official college magazine, the student newspapers the Campus Mirror and The Spelman Spotlight, yearbooks, and the catalogs have been digitized.

There are also over five hundred Spelman photographs that are available. They show commencements, presidents, campus architecture, and performances from the Drama and Dance department.

Preserving and Sharing Spelman Archival Treasures

Historical Savannah City Maps Available at Digital Library of Georgia

The Digital Library of Georgia has announced the availability of historical map collections from the City of Savannah Municipal Archives. The maps include survey maps, property holdings and neighborhoods.

The maps cover the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Historical Savannah city maps available online

Augusta-Richmond County Public Library and Coastal Heritage Society Receive Grants

The Augusta-Richmond County Public Library and the Coastal Heritage Society have received grants for digitization projects that will be added to the Digital Library of Georgia.

The Augusta-Richmond County Public Library will digitize the Augusta Chinese-American Oral History Project, which includes twenty-six oral history interviews recorded in 2011 and 2012. These are individuals who either immigrated to Augusta from China or grew up in Augusta.

The Coastal Heritage Society will digitize a Civil War period ledger spanning the years 1860 to 1864. The ledger is for the Carpentry Shop which was one of the busiest industrial railroad complexes in the South just prior to and during the American Civil War.

Augusta-Richmond County Public Library and Coastal Heritage Society receive Competitive Digitization grants from the DLG

Digital Library of Georgia Accepting Proposals for Grants

The Digital Library of Georgia is accepting proposals for historic digitization projects costing up to $7500 from non-profit Georgia cultural heritage institutions. Projects may include the reformatting of textual materials, graphic materials or audio-visual materials.

Newspapers are not eligible for these grants.

Digital Library of Georgia announces subgrants to support projects up to $7500: applications due October 15, 2018

South Carolina Department of Archives Digitizes Revolutionary War Records

The South Carolina Department of Archives and History has placed online the records series “Accounts Audited of Claims Growing out of the Revolution in South Carolina 1775-1856.”

The collection consists of documents presented by citizens to the treasury in support of claims for military service, supplies, and other contributions rendered during the latter part of the Revolutionary War. Most files contain a cover paper that includes the name of the claimant, a brief description of their service provided, and the amount of their claim and its adjusted value.


North Carolina Slave Deed Records

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has received a grant to digitize slave deed records from across North Carolina. The project will digitize nearly 10,000 slave deeds and bills of sale from 26 counties.

Slaves were traded across county lines and state lines. One county, Buncombe county, has placed their slave deeds online. Having only one county online was not very useful for those looking for their ancestors since slaves were traded across county lines.

This new project will create a statewide database of digitized slave records.

Grant backs project to digitally preserve slave deeds across North Carolina

Additions to DigitalNC

DigitalNC, the online library for institutions across North Carolina, has added many new items.

Yearbooks from Dunbar High School, Leaksville High School, some yearbooks from various high schools in Wayne county and Granville county, and two yearbooks from Benson High School 1968 and 1969 have been added.

Four more years of issues from the Highlands High School newspaper, The Mountain Trail, has been added. Nineteen issues of the student newspaper from Greensboro High School are available for the years from 1923 to 1926, 1941 to 1942, and 1954.

Over 60 years of Gatson College Catalogs can be found at DigitalNC.

Issues from 2017 have been added to the forty past issues of The Shoreline, a newspaper from the Pine Knoll Shores area.

Many items from the Graham County Public Library were digitized. These are mostly photographs of the logging industry and dam building that built up the western part of the state.

And nearly two dozen folders and notebooks from the United Daughters of the Confederacy are online at DigitalNC.

New Materials from the United Daughters of the Confederacy Now Online at DigitalNC

Four more issues of the Highlands High School student newspaper are on DigitalNC

Dunbar High School Yearbooks from Rowan Public Library are now online

More Newspapers From Pine Knoll Shores Now Online Through 2017

Over 60 Years of Gaston College Catalogs Now Online at DigitalNC

New Yearbooks from Benson Museum of Local History Now Online at DigitalNC

New Yearbooks from Leaksville High School in Rockingham County Now Online at DigitalNC

New partner, Graham County Public Library, brings NCDHC coverage to the western edge of NC

New Yearbooks From Wayne County Now Online at DigitalNC

New Batch of Yearbooks from Granville County Now Online at DigitalNC

Student newspapers from Greensboro High School now available

Virginia Chronicle Reaches 1,000,000 Pages

The Virginia Chronicle is a newspaper website that is part of the Library of Virginia. It has surpassed a major milestone by reaching one million pages.

Recent additions include the Northern Neck News of Warsaw, additional West Virginia titles and a few issues of the Idle Hour of Glen Allen.


Chattanooga Newspapers

There’s a new website available for finding Chattanooga newspapers. It’s found at

The first batch of newspaper that have been released cover the years from 1862 to 1907. There are 12 different newspapers from the Chattanooga area.

Plans are to expand the collection further.

New database features 6,000 pages of historic Chattanooga newspapers

University of Maryland Places Student Newspaper Black Explosion Online

The University of Maryland has added the student newspaper Black Explosion to its student newspapers collections.

The Black Explosion covered important issues to African Americans and activities of the African American community at the university. It began publishing around 1967 until the December 2016/January 2017 issue. All issues are now available online.

Black Explosion Now Available!

LAC Completes Digitization of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Personnel Service Files

The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has completed digitization the Canadian Expeditionary Force Personnel Service Files. These service files are for soldiers of the First World War.

It took five years to complete this project. They started about the time that I started this podcast. For the last five years LAC had written a monthly blog post about the progress they were making on the digitization effort.

They wanted to be completed by November 2018 which is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. And they made it with plenty of time to spare.

Database of 620,000 First World War personnel files completed to mark anniversary of Canada’s 100 Days

Ottawa History App

There is a new app that is available on iOS and Android to explore Ottawa’s history. It’s a time traveler app that lets you see the events, people, and landmarks that shaped Ottawa over the past 150 years.

There are three ways to travel through time using the app.
• Use the interactive map and choose a story based on a location
• Follow a chronological, historical timeline
• Teleport to a random story

The app also can be used to identify sites and stories of historical significance near or around your current location.

The power to travel back in Ottawa’s history is now in your hands – with the new Time Traveller app

Additions to TheGenealogist

TheGenealogist is a subscription site for records in the UK. They have released the second part of The Lloyd George Domesday Survey. These records are being released by county. They are searchable by name, address and area. The results will link to the high resolution maps pinpointing the property.

The new records can be used to find where an ancestor lived in 1910 in the area around Barnet, Edgware, Finchley, Friern Barnet, Hendon and Totteridge. These areas are all located just to the south of Hertfordshire. Previously released were records for the City of London and Paddington. More areas are coming soon for more London Boroughs and the county of Buckinghamshire.

Field Books are also provided. These provide researchers with detailed information relative to the valuation of each property, owner, occupier, and description.

New Records added to The Lloyd George Domesday Survey

National Library of Scotland Maps

The National Library of Scotland has a great collection of maps on its website. There is a new interactive tool available that lets you overlay old maps with current satellite imagery.

You can select old maps that were published from 1890 to 1950. The maps are for Scotland, England, and Wales.

Maps of your ancestors’ British hometown — yesterday and today — on National Library of Scotland’s website

Irish Jewish Family History Database

There’s a new website called the Irish Jewish Family History Database. It has information about over 60,000 Irish Jews from 1700 to today. The information includes vital records and some school and occupation details with links to parents, children and siblings.

The Irish Jewish Family History Database

ArkivDigital Indexes Military Service Cards

ArkivDigital, the subscription website for Swedish research, has indexed the military conscription service cards for the years 1902 to 1941. These cards have information for men who were born between the years 1881 and 1921.

The cards include the name, birth date and place, and the enrollment number along with the branch of the service the recruit served in, service time, promotions, record of punishments if any and even sometimes a home address and civil occupation.

Military Service Cards (Stamkort) Search Index

Southern California Genealogical Jamboree Call For Presentations

The Southern California Genealogical Jamboree has announced a call for presentations. The 2019 Jamboree will be held May 31st through June 2, 2019 in Burbank, California. A one-day Genetic Genealogy Conference will be held the day before.

They are looking for presentations for Jamboree, Genetic Genealogy, General Genealogy Workshops, DNA Workshops and the 2019 Jamboree Extension and Webinar Series Programs.

Presentations will be accepted until September 1st.

Jamboree 2019 – Call For Presentations

MyHeritage Live Conference in Norway

MyHeritage will be having a user conference in Norway on November 2 – 4. 2018.

The conference is open to everyone. Gilad Japhet, CEO of MyHeritage will give the keynote. There will be classes on a range of subjects and hands-on workshops.

Speakers will be Dick Eastman, Thomas MacEntee, Diahan Southard, Roberta Estes, Lisa Louise Cooke, as well as speakers from MyHeritage.

You’re Invited to MyHeritage’s International User Conference!

The Genealogy Show Speakers

The Genealogy Show will be held in Birmingham, England, June 2019. They have announced the list of speakers and their presentations. A schedule is available, and you can purchase tickets. They cost about $32 for the two-day event.

The Genealogy Show announces speakers and program schedule

Laura G. Prescott SLIG Scholarship

A new scholarship has been established for tuition to the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG). The name of the scholarship is the Laura G. Prescott SLIG Scholarship.

It honors Laura Prescott who has had her own research business and worked at the New England Historic Genealogical Society for a few years. She is past-president of the Association of Professional Genealogists, director of Ancestry Academy, lecturer, and writer.

The scholarship is open to amateur, transitional, and professional genealogists who exhibit a passion for genealogy and appreciate the importance of education in genealogy. It will be funded through tax-deductible donations.

A committee will evaluate scholarship applications and choose one winner annually to receive full tuition to one course of their choosing offered at SLIG.

Honoring Laura

Attempted Breach at Legacy Family Tree Webinars

There was an attempted breach at Legacy Family Tree Webinars to hack the website to obtain email addresses. They discovered it quickly and they were able to stop it.

The email address was the only information that is stored on the server that was accessed. Names, passwords, and credit card information is stored on a secure 3rd party e-commerce service.

Any affected users were e-mailed about the incident. Since passwords are stored elsewhere, there is no need to change your password.

As a result of this incident, e-mail address will no longer be stored when you view a webinar. Instead an account ID will be used.

Attempted breach of 8,543 email addresses from Legacy Family Tree Webinars

National Archives Virtual Genealogy Fair 2018

The National Archives in the United States will be hold its annual Genealogy Fair online. The date is October 24, 2018. It will be held from 10 AM to 4 PM Eastern. This will be the sixth year for the online event.

You can watch it live on YouTube or watch the recording later. Handouts will be available.

You can also watch the previous 5 years of Genealogy Fairs on YouTube and the handouts are still available.

National Archives Virtual Genealogy Fair 2018

Finding Your Roots New Season January 2019

The new season of Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. will begin January 2019 on PBS. This will be season 5 and there will be 10 episodes.

One episode will be devoted to Dr. Gates’ personal DNA story and his work to develop curriculum for teaching students about DNA.

PBS Announces Season Five of “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.”

Be sure to check out the calendar at for the webinars coming up.

The calendar also has all the Google Hangouts that are scheduled, events going on in Second Life, and online events that you pay for.

And that’s it for this episode.

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