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Today is Sunday May 14, 2017 and this is Episode 102.

Ancestry DNA Has Reached 4 Million

AncestryDNA now has the largest DNA database with over 4 million customers. This past January they announced that there were 3 million in their database. That means that they sold one million DNA kits in the last three months. At this current rate the database could reach 7 million by the end of the year.

The next largest DNA database is at 23andMe with just over 2 million.

AncestryDNA Reaches 4 Million Customers in DNA Database

23andMe’s New Ancestry Report

23andMe has a new Ancestry Report. There is a map that shows the distribution of DNA relatives. The map shows a darker color where you match people in different states in the United States and around the world.

Ancestry Composition now shows how many different populations are represented in the ancestry of your DNA family as well as how many of your DNA relatives have ancestry from the different populations.

Based on responses to surveys at 23andMe, you now get a list of shared traits among your matches. That would be for things like who can wiggle their ears or who can sing with perfect pitch.

Meet Your DNA Family — 23andMe’s New Ancestry Report

Journal of Genetic Genealogy Now Available

The Journal of Genetic Genealogy has resumed publishing. This is a free magazine from the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG). It’s been 5 years since the last publication.

There are two reports that present new knowledge with a problem defined and evidence presented to come to a conclusion. Those reports are “Y-DNA Testing of a Paper Trail – The Fox Surname Project” by Joseph M. Fox III and David E. Fox, and “Evidence of early gene flow between Ashkenazi Jews and non-Jewish Europeans in mitochondrial DNA haplogroup H7” by Doron Yacobi and Felice L. Bedford.

There are other articles by well-known genetic genealogists CeCe Moore and Blaine Bettinger. Also there are reviews of books and products and regular columns.

The Journal of Genetic Genealogy and Scientific Publishing

Update On Family Tree Maker 2017

Here’s the latest update about the release of Family Tree Maker 2017.

25,000 users have been successfully using the latest version for the past two weeks. More people are now going to be able to use Family Tree Maker 2017. Starting on Monday, May 15th, as many as 10,000 a day will get to use the new software. This will continue until 75,000 people are using it to test drive the new software.

If you have pre-ordered Family Tree Maker 2017, you are eligible to apply to test drive the new software.

Ancestry and Family Tree Maker are working together to ensure syncing works correctly and efficiently. Syncing is where you update your tree on Ancestry with changes you made to your tree using Family Tree Maker and vice versa.


RootsMagic Update

RootsMagic is also testing its software capability to sync trees at Ancestry. They have a few thousand beta testers that are syncing these trees with Ancestry. RootsMagic has released a video that demonstrates using RootsMagic with an Ancestry Member Tree and Ancestry WebHints that will be part of the new version.

RootsMagic TreeShare News Update

RootsMagic Provides Video Demonstrating TreeShare and WebHints

Gedsite Update

Family History Hosting is a company that will host your genealogy website. They also have a Windows program called Gedsite that you can use to create a website based on a GEDCOM file.

The latest version of the program is 1.5.1. This version adds box charts that display graphical descendant and pedigree charts. New relationship charts show all the people in the lines of descent from a common ancestor.

A relationship item adds relationship information to everyone listed on the website. You select an individual and then you can see the relationship to that person for everyone.

Wizards have been added to simplify adding features.

There is a new image gallery where you can create photo albums. You can add a calendar that shows anniversaries of events you choose such as births, marriages, and deaths.

There is an HTML editor so you can easily edit the pages on your website. The editor is similar to using a word processing program so you don’t need to know HTML to make changes to your pages.

Gedsite costs $25 and the website that is created can be hosted anywhere, burned to a DVD, or saved to a flash drive for sharing with others.

Announcing the Release of GedSite version 1.5.1

New Records at FamilySearch

More new records at FamilySearch

New indexed records and images collection
Rhode Island, Vital records, 1846-1898, 1901-1953

New browsable image collections added include
Cook Islands, Civil Registration, 1846-1989
England, Essex, Bishop’s Transcripts, 1779-1892
England, Northumberland, Non-conformist Records, 1708-1982
England, Northumberland, Parish Registers, 1538-1950
Italy, Brescia, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1797-1815, 1866-1943
Italy, La Spezia, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1780-1865
Spain, Province of Teruel, Catholic Church Records, 1565-2013

Next these collections have indexed records added to an existing collection
Australia, Tasmania, Civil Registration (District Registers), 1839-1938
Brazil São Paulo Immigration Cards 1902-1980
Connecticut Marriages, 1640-1939
El Salvador Civil Registration, 1704-1990
England, Durham Diocese, Marriage Bonds & Allegations, 1692-1900
England, Manchester, Parish Registers, 1603-1910
England, Warwickshire, Parish Registers, 1535-1984
Florida Marriages, 1830-1993
Ghana, Accra, Marriages, 1863-2003
Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921
Michigan Obituaries, 1820-2006
Missouri, Reports of Separation Notices, 1941-1946
Panama, Catholic Church Records, 1707-1973
Pennsylvania Obituary and Marriage Collection, 1947-2010
Peru, Cusco, Civil Registration, 1889-1997
Poland, Lublin Roman Catholic Church Books, 1784-1964
South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972
Spain Province of Cádiz Municipal Records 1784-1956
Sri Lanka, Colombo District, Dutch Reformed Church Records, 1677-1990
Sweden, Kronoberg Church Records, 1589-1921; index 1612-1860

The next collection has had indexed records and images added to an existing collection
BillionGraves Index
South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Records (Stellenbosch Archive), 1690-2011

These collections have added images to an existing collection
Czech Republic, School Registers, 1799-1953
England, Norfolk, Parish Registers (County Record Office), 1510-1997
Italy, Agrigento, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1820-1865
Italy, Benevento, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1810-1942
Italy, Napoli, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809-1865
Italy, Trapani, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1906-1928
Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921
Ohio, Crawford County Obituaries, 1860-2004
Spain, Province of Granada, Municipal Records, 1607-1955

New Historic Records On FamilySearch: Week of April 24, 2017

New Historic Records On FamilySearch: Week of May 1, 2017

New Historic Records On FamilySearch: Week of May 8, 2017

New Records at Findmypast

Findmypast has added lots of records for Kent, England. They’ve added baptisms, marriage banns, marriages, and burials. They’ve added baptism records for North West Kent as well as burials.

There are over 4,500 volumes of Devon parish registers to browse. They contain baptisms, marriages, and burials. There are over 900 volumes of parish registers for Plymouth & West Devon that are available to browse.

Lots of new records have been added for the City of York. The new collections include:
• City Of York Apprentices and Freemen 1272-1930
• City Of York Calendars of Prisoners 1739-1851
• City Of York Hearth & Window Tax 1665-1778
• City Of York Militia & Muster Rolls 1509-1829
• City of York Deeds Registers 1718-1866

And they’ve add records for the City of York to many existing collections. These include:
• Over 19,000 images and 48 brand new directories covering the city of York have been added to the collection of Directories & Almanacs.
• Over 34,000 York School records have been added to the National School Admission Registers & Log-Books 1870-1914 collection.
• Over 39,000 records covering the City of York have been added to the collection of England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1832-1932.
• Over 1,000 new records have been added to the collection of Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions.

Findmypast continues to create the largest United States marriage collection. This past month they have added over 6.7 million records covering 127 counties across 18 states. There have been significant updates for the states of Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio and Oregon.

Over 400,000 new articles have been added to their collection of Irish Newspapers.

Some other collections that records have been added to include
• Over 4,000 new records have been added to the Queensland School Pupil Index.
• Over 4,000 records have been added to the collection of City Of London Ironmongers, Apprentices and Freemen records.

Findmypast Friday April 28th

Findmypast Friday May 5th

Findmypast Friday May 12th 2017

GeneaBloggers Going Away

Thomas MacEntee put together GeneaBloggers as way for those who blog about genealogy and family history to get some encouragement and help from each other. Membership was free and you could put the GeneaBloggers badge on your blog.

The GeneaBloggers website had a list of all the member blogs separated into categories so others could easily find blogs that would interest them.

There was a blog that contained blogging news and prompts for what you could write about on your blog.

Notice that I have been using the past tense to talk about the GeneaBloggers website. That is because Thomas MacEntee will no longer be updating the website.

He will be launching a new website in June that will be an “umbrella” site for all his other websites.

The changes come as a result of more genealogists using Facebook to share family stories and research tips. Blogging doesn’t generate as much traffic as Facebook does.

List of Changes at

Georgia Archives Adds the Confederate Muster Rolls

The Georgia Archives have added the Confederate Muster Rolls to its website. These rolls were created by the State of Georgia during the Civil War for service within the state. This means that not all records for Confederate troops from Georgia will be found in this collection, only those military organizations that were created by the State of Georgia during the Civil War for service within the state.

Georgia State Archives Digitizes Thousands of Confederate Muster Rolls and Places Them Online

Historical Maps of New York City

The New York Public Library has created a digital time-travel service for its historical maps of New York City. It’s called Maps by Decade and it contains maps from between 1850 and 1950, grouped by decade.

There are over 5,000 maps from across the five boroughs.

Plans are to enhance this new tool so that you can search for addresses on defunct streets and access historical photographs from the OldNYC tool for the map.

The New York Public Library Has a “Digital Time-Travel Service” for Its Historical Maps

Flagler College Adds to Its Digital Archive

Flagler College located in St. Augustine, Florida, have made more than 1,000 items available at its digital archive. The items consist of yearbooks, college catalogs, and photographs.

By making the items available online means they will no-longer need to be handled in-person and it prevents further damage.

Flagler College makes public old photographs, catalogs on new digital archive site

Texas State Archives Adds Photographs

Some more photographs have been added the Texas State Archives website. These photographs were taken between 1890 to 1940.

The collection is from William Deming Hornaday who was a journalist and Director of Publicity for the University of Texas. He collected about 5,800 items. These items were photographs, photographic postcards, photoengravings and negatives.

The images were used by Mr. Hornaday to accompany articles he wrote. There are many images of Texas and also other places throughout the world.

William Deming Hornaday Photograph Collection is Now Online at the Texas State Archives

DigitalNC Additions

DigitalNC is the website for the North Carolina digital heritage center. They work with cultural heritage institutions across North Carolina to digitize and publish materials online. They have been busy. Here’s what’s been added in the last few weeks.

20 years of the newspaper the Cherokee Scott can now be found at DigitalNC. The newspaper was published in Murphy, North Carolina. The years from 1923 – 1943 are available online.

The Washington Daily News has been added for the years 1909 – 1914. This newspaper was published six days a week and focused on news from Washington, a small city located in Beaufort County, North Carolina.

More than 200 issues of the Roxboro Courier are available. These issues span the years from 1922 – 1927. This newspaper was published in Roxboro, North Carolina, which is located in Person County.

Lots of photographs have been added to DigitalNC. 216 photographs have been added from the Heritage of Black Highlanders. These photographs document African Americans from the Southern Appalachian Mountains, particularly Asheville, in the early 20th to mid 20th century.

A fourth batch of photographs from Central Caroline Community College are now available. These photos document the Machine Tool & Die program, the Motorcycle Mechanics program, the English-as-Second-Language program, the Industrial Maintenance program, Fire Fighter training program, Laser Optics program, and the Extension Courses. The photo collection for the college now contains nearly 2,000 photos.

More photos have been added from Sampson Community College. Unfortunately they are not labeled. Everyone is encouraged to submit any information they know about the photos. Sampson Community College is located in Clinton, North Carolina.

Yearbooks from five high schools in Wayne County have been added to DigitalNC. These yearbooks are from the 50s and 60s.

Five more years of the yearbook for Fayetteville State University have been added. The years are 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, and 2016. The earliest Fayetteville yearbook on DigitalNC is from 1927.

The Ridgeview Community in Hickory, Catawba County, was known as “The Hill.” DigitalNC has published a volume of “The Hill.” It contains photos and research about families in the area from a woman who lived there.

Murphy Public Library Offers Nearly 15 Years of the Cherokee Scout

Six years of Washington Daily News now online

The Roxboro Courier from our newest partner, the Person County Public Library

May Day to Marion Anderson: Heritage of Black Highlanders Photo Collection Shared on DigitalNC

Fourth Batch of Central Carolina Community College Photos Now Online: Heavy Machinery, Adult Ed. Classes Featured

Help Us Identify Students, Instructors in a New Batch of Photos from Sampson Community College

New additions to high school yearbooks from Wayne County

Newest Fayetteville State University yearbooks now online

The Hill: Newly Digitized Volume Documents a Lost Community in Catawba County

Newspapers to be Digitized for South Dakota

More newspapers are going to be digitized from South Dakota. The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded a grant to the State Historical Society-Archives to digitize approximately 100 rolls of microfilmed newspapers pre-dating 1922 over two years.

Once the newspapers are digitized they will be placed on the Chronicling America website. The website is run by the Library of Congress and it contains historic newspapers from the United States for the years 1789-1924.

Newspaper digitization advisory board selects newspapers to digitize for federal grant

Japanese-American Internment Camp Newspapers

The Library of Congress has a new collection of Japanese-American Internment Camp newspapers from 1942 – 1946. These newspapers provide a look into the daily lives of those who were held in these camps.

Americans with Japanese ancestry were interned at assembly centers and relocation centers around the country during World War II. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, fears ran high among the American people. The president issued an executive order that allowed for the exclusion of persons from designated areas for security purposes.

Those in the camps began producing their own publications, including newspapers.

Japanese-American Internment Camp Newspapers, 1942 to 1946

Minneapolis Newspapers Digitized

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis has digitized more than 54,000 issues from the past 150 years. The newspapers in the collection are the Minneapolis Journal, the Minneapolis Daily Star, and the Star Tribune.

Right now you can get a PDF for a front page in the archives. Access to all the pages cost $7.99 for 30 days or $29.95 for six months. The archives were digitized with underwriting from Thomson Reuters and in partnership with

From pulp to pixel: The Minneapolis Star Tribune has digitized every article since 1867

LAC Acquires Historical Canada Lands Survey Records

The Library and Archives Canada has acquired 80,000 maps from the historic Canada Lands Survey Records collection. It contains official survey records dating back to the 1760s. There are plans, field notes, diaries and correspondence.

The collection includes some of the first maps ever drawn for many regions of Canada.

Library and Archives Canada acquires 80,000 maps and documents from the Canada Lands Survey Records collection

More City Directories of Toronto Digitized

Eight city directories for Toronto have been digitized. These are for the years between 1910 and 1926. They were missing from the large collection of city directories that can be found at the Internet Archive.

Toronto city directories digitized, 1910 – 1926

New Additions to TheGenealogist

TheGenealogist, a subscription site in the UK, has added Poll books from the late 19th century to the early 20th century to its collection of Poll and Electoral Rolls. The records cover 35 different registers of people who were entitled to vote in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and other constituencies situated in Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset and New Westminster in Canada.

TheGenealogist has also added the illustrated paper The Sphere for the years 1914 to 1919. It covered general news stories from the UK and around the world.

TheGenealogist releases over 100,000 Parish Records and thousands of voter records

The Sphere newspaper added to TheGenealogist

Picturing Places Website

The British Library has announced the launch of Picturing Places. The website highlights items from the library’s collections such as prints, drawings, paintings, books, maps, and letters.

Picturing Places showcases some the Library’s topographical materials.

Picturing Places launched!

List of Historic Place Names of Wales

A list of historic place names of Wales has launched. Over 300,00 place names are included in the list. They reflect the various forms and spellings used historically.

Over time more names will be added.

List of Historic Place Names – now live

ArkivDigital Photographing Church Books from Minnesota

ArkivDigital is a subscription website for Swedish records. They have begun to photograph Swedish American church books from congregations in Minnesota and eventually they will be online.

This is the second United States project for ArkivDigital. Previously the photographs over 1,100 church books from Kansas were added to the site.

Swedish American Church Book Photographing Project in Minnesota Begins

New Book about Irish Genealogy

Claire Santry is an expert on Irish genealogy. She has a new book coming out called The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide – How to Trace Your Ancestors in Ireland. It’s published by the Cincinatti-based Family Tree Books which also produces Family Tree Magazine.

The book is a comprehensive how-to guide and research companion for Irish genealogy.

Just published: my new Irish Genealogy Guide book

Announcements from the National Genealogical Society Conference

There were some announcements at the recent National Genealogical Society Conference that was held in Raleigh, North Carolina. There is a new book from Thomas Jones called Mastering Genealogical Documentation. The book teaches genealogists how to describe and cite sources. It will start shipping on May 22.

NGS has released two new research guides for American Indians of Oklahoma and Research in Mississippi. And they have released two revised guide books for Tennessee and North Carolina.

The 2017 Filby Award for Genealogical Librarianship was awarded to Larry Cates, a librarian at the Heritage Research Center of the High Point Public Library, High Point, North Carolina.

And each year many awards are given to society newsletters and editors at the NGS conference. I’ll have a link in the show notes to the list.

The 2018 NGS conference will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the 2019 conference will be held in Saint Charles, Missouri.

Mastering Genealogical Documentation To be Released at National Conference 10 May 2017

NGS Releases Two New Research Guides: American Indians of Oklahoma and Mississippi

NGS Releases Two Newly Revised Guide Books for Tennessee and North Carolina

National Genealogical Society Announces The 2017 Filby Award for Genealogical Librarianship

National Genealogical Society Presents Awards Honoring Excellence in Newsletter Editorship and Service to NGS

Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE No More

The UK’s big family history event Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE has closed. There will not be any more of these events. It has closed for financial reasons.

This was called an event or a show, not a conference. It consisted of a very large exhibit hall with some talks or lectures going on in spaces off the exhibit hall.

The show celebrated its tenth anniversary in April this year. Attendance dropped for this show as well as fewer vendors signed up for the exhibit hall.

WDYTYA? LIVE to close its doors

New Conference Secret Lives – Hidden Voices of our Ancestors

There will be a major conference held in England in the summer of 2018. The dates are August 31st to September 2nd and it will be held in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The theme for the conference is Secret Lives – Hidden Voices of our Ancestors. It is being organized by the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives, The Guild of One Name Studies, the Halsted Trust and the Society of Genealogists.

The conference lectures will be aimed at family historians interested in tracing their ancestors who may be difficult to find. Submissions for papers and presentations are being accepted until September 30, 2017.

Advance Notice: Secret Lives – Hidden Voices of our Ancestors

SCGS Jamboree DNA Day Streaming

The Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree will be held in June. They have announced the live streaming schedule for DNA day which will be held Thursday, June 8.

Individual sessions cost $20 each or you can pay $99 to access all six sessions being streamed on that day. You will have access to the presentations until July 10, 2017.

Here is the list of presentations.

Five Tips to Make sense of your DNA Testing
Presented by Diahan Southard

How to Convince Relatives and Strangers to DNA Test and Why
Presented by Emily D. Aulicino, MA

Examples of Autosomal DNA Testing Solving Genealogical Questions
Presented by Tim P. Janzen, MD

Don’t Discard the Y-STR’s
Presented by Brad Larkin, MBS, MCSE

Genetic Genealogy Year in Review 2017
Presented by Blaine T. Bettinger, Ph.D., JD

DNA Triangulation
Presented by Kitty Munson Cooper

Announcing Live Streaming Genetic Genealogy 2017 NOW OPEN

Registration is now open for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa Conference

Registration is now open for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa Conference that will be held in Ottawa, from September 29 to October 1, 2017.

There are two themes for this year’s conference – Featuring England and Wales and Research Methodology. Early bird registration is $110 for members and $140 for non-members.

BIFHSGO opens online registration for fall conference in Ottawa

Registration Open for the APG Professional Management Conference

Registration is now open for the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) Professional Management Conference to be held 29 September through 1 October in Arlington, Virginia.

Early bird registration will be $335 for APG members and $435 for non-members.

Some sessions will be available virtually and details about them will be announced soon. They will be live streamed for Virtual PMC attendees and recordings will be available for purchase after the conference.


Free Online Genealogy Course

A free online genealogy course will begin on July 3rd. The course is Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree. Here’s the description of the course:

This free online course will help you develop an understanding of basic genealogy techniques and how to communicate your family history. We will consider how to effectively find and analyse sources and explore the potential of DNA testing as applied to genealogy. We’ll help you add historical context to your family history and discuss how to record and communicate research findings in a clear fashion. The course is primarily designed for people at beginner to intermediate level.

This will be the fourth time this course has been offered.

Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree

Western Family History Conference

During the week of May 15th, FamilySearch will be having a Western Family History Conference. Each day will focus on a certain region and there will be 5 webinars about the region. Monday will be Germany, Tuesday is France, Wednesday is the Low Countries, Thursday is the Netherlands, and Friday is Switzerland.

Now for some other webinars coming up.

Monday, May 15, noon Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Using the FHL Catalog Effectively

Tuesday, May 16, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Tips and Tricks of Using FamilySearch’s Historical Records

Tuesday, May 16, 5PM Eastern
BYU Family History Library webinar
Digging Deeper into Google for Genealogists
presented by James Tanner

Tuesday, May 16, 8PM Eastern
BCG Legacy Webinar
MAXY DNA: Correlating mt-at-X-Y DNA with the GPS
presented by Debbie Parker Wayne

Tuesday, May 16, 8PM eastern
Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Webinar
Misbegotten Children: Tracing the Family Lines of the Illegitimate
presented by Peggy Clemens Lauritzen

Wednesday, May 17, noon Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
French Language Records Indexing

Wednesday, May 17, 2PM Eastern
Legacy Webinar
Remember Me: Lifestreaming and the Modern Genealogist
presented by Thomas MacEntee

Wednesday, May 17, 8:30PM Eastern
Association of Professional Genealogists Webinar
Acceleration Fuel: From Genealogy Business Idea to Making Real Money
presented by Janet Hovorka

Wednesday, May 17, 9PM Eastern
Southern California Genealogical Society Webinar
Location, Location, Location: One Place Studies in North America
presented by Tessa Keough

Thursday, May 18, 11AM Eastern
British Newspaper Archive
Making the Most of the British Newspaper Archive
presented by Aoife O Connor

Thursday, May 18, 1PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Starting Family Tree: Submitting Names for Temple Work

Thursday, May 18, 3PM Eastern
New England Historical Genealogical Society webinar
Resources for Pennsylvania Genealogy
presented by Ann Lawthers

Thursday, May 18, 5PM Eastern
BYU Family History Library webinar
Record Hints: How to Use Them
presented by James Tanner

Thursday, May 18, 8PM Eastern
Florida State Genealogical Society Poolside Chat
After You’re Gone: Future Proofing Your Genealogy Research
presented by Thomas MacEntee

Thursday, May 18, 9PM Eastern
Utah Genealogical Association
Mexico Research Online
presented by Kelly Summers

Friday, May 19, 3PM Eastern
North Carolina Genealogical Society
Cherokee Genealogy: The Basics
presented by Anita Finger-Smith

Twitter #genchat – Military Records
Friday, May 19, 10PM Eastern

Saturday, May 20, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Diviértete con tus hijos creando una fiesta de Historia Familiar
(Have fun with your children by creating a family history party)

Monday, May 22, noon Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Using the FHL Catalog Effectively

Tuesday, May 23, 1PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
FamilySearch Wiki

Tuesday, May 23, 1PM Eastern
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Webinar
Mrs. Kaney and the Philadelphia Immigration Business, ca. 1882-1909

Tuesday, May 23, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Tracing Scottish Ancestry Online

Tuesday, May 23, 5PM Eastern
BYU Family History Library webinar
Critical Analysis of Researching in Depth
presented by James Tanner

Wednesday, May 24, noon Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Portuguese Language Records Indexing

Wednesday, May 24, 2PM Eastern
Legacy Webinar
WikiTree: Free for All without a Free-for-All
presented by Eowyn Langholf

Wednesday, May 24, 2PM Eastern
UK The National Archives Webinar
Reading old documents: Introduction to Medieval and Tudor palaeography

Wednesday, May 24, 4PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Databases for Swedish Genealogy

Wednesday, May 24, 6PM Eastern
Southern California Genealogical Society Webinar
Beyond the Surface: Analyzing and Capturing Genealogical Data
presented by Nicka Smith

Wednesday, May 24, 8PM Eastern
Georgia Genealogical Society
State-Land States and Federal-Land States: Researching U.S. Land Records
presented by George G. Morgan

Thursday, May 25, noon Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
United States Census: Techniques and Strategies for Finding Elusive Ancestors

Thursday, May 25, 3PM Eastern
FamilySearch Webinar
Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England’s North Country

Thursday, May 25, 3PM Eastern
Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society Webinar
Cloud Computing
presented by Thomas MacEntee

Thursday, May 25, 5PM Eastern
BYU Family History Library webinar
English Research: Finding Missing Children Using the GRO Site
presented by Kathryn Grant

Thursday, May 25, 5:45PM Eastern
BYU Family History Library webinar
English Research: Finding a Woman’s Maiden Name Using the GRO Site
presented by Kathryn Grant

Twitter #genchat – Religious Focus: The Society of Friends (Quakers)
Friday, May 26, 10PM Eastern

You can find all the webinars mentioned and more at the calendar at The calendar has all the Google Hangouts that are scheduled, events going on in Second Life, and online events that you pay for. I’ve only mentioned the free events.

And that’s it for this episode.

You can send email to

You can find links to things mentioned in this show in the show notes at as well as a transcript. The transcript can also be found in the Geneatopia Flipboard magazine and you can find the recording on YouTube.

This is episode 102.

Thanks for listening.

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