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Today is Tuesday, September 2nd, 2013 and this is Episode 6

The FGS conference is over and the next one will be held in San Antonio, Texas and then in 2015 it will be held in conjunction with RootsTech. Thomas MacEntee interviewed the president of FGS, D. Joshua Taylor about the upcoming conferences. You can read the entire interview at Thomas’ HackGenealogy web site and there will be a link in the show notes to it.

Some highlights of the interview include the FGS conference with RootsTech is a one time event. After 2015 the FGS conference will be held by itself. The combined conferences will be held February 2015 and FGS is planning an event for the August September 2015 time frame. The FGS conference is normally held in August of each year and the event is planned during that time. No word on what the event will be in August 2015.

Thomas also asked about the new FGS app that is meant to be an app that is used year-round and there was discussion about what the app can be used for. And they discussed the Dell discount program for FGS members. Discounts are available for computers, software, printers, and accessories.

It was a very informative interview and I encourage you to read it.

Brightsolid is the company behind Findmypast and GenesReunited. They have announced that the company will be split into two businesses. One business will concentrate on genealogy and the other business will concentrate on cloud computing. The genealogy business will be called Brightsolid Online Publishing and the other will be called Brightsolid Online Technology. Genealogy will fall under Brightsolid Online Publishing and Annelies van den Belt has been hired as Chief Executive for the new company. She has overseen the launch of ITV.com, which is a public service TV network in the UK, she has worked for the Telegraph Media Group and News International, and she has been chief executive at SUP, a Russian digital publisher. And now she will oversee Findmypast and Genesreunited as well as digitized collections from other institutions.


A new society is being created for younger genealogists called the NextGen Genealogy Network. It encourages the next generation to get interested in family history. From the announcement about this new society, they say, “The mission of NGGN is to foster the next generation’s interest in family history and engagement in our community through digital channels which virtually connect members throughout the world.” They are just getting started and officially became organized this summer.

Dues will be $15 per year or 15 hours of volunteer work for the year. You can join the community at facebook.com/groups/nextgennetwork/


Legacy has been slowly releasing information about the upcoming release, version 8. Last week they announced improved color coding. When looking at the pedigree view, the lines are colored in four different colors, by the your father’s male line, your father’s female line, your mother’s male line, and your mother’s male line. As you look at your ancestors you can easily see what line they came from based on the color. These colors can be printed on reports and charts. Now, you can have 8 colors. Four colors for your ancestors and 4 colors for your spouse’s ancestors. You do this be having two starting points in your tree.

The further back you go, the more likely that you will find what is called pedigree collapse. That’s where you can trace back to the same ancestor different ways in your tree. As we go back in time there were only so many people in the world and we find that there is more that one way to have that ancestor in our tree.

The new version of Legacy will show multiple colors for those individuals where you can trace back from different lines in your tree.


A new version of Family Tree Maker is set to be released soon. New features include a new Family View display for easier navigation and better view of extended family members, improved TreeSync between Family Tree Maker and your online tree at Ancestry.com, more charts and reports, easier way to export a branch of your tree, copy and paste facts for related source citations, media, and notes. Also merging has been enhanced when merging information found on Ancestry.com

This new version of Family Tree Maker is only for Windows, There is a Mac version but it is not being updated at this time.

You can preorder Family Tree Maker 2014 and get 30% off. This sale ends midnight September 9th.


There is a new genealogy app for Windows 8, it’s called Relative History. It’s been available for Windows Phone since March and now it’s available for the desktop. This is a free program that will import your data from another program in the GEDCOM format. That’s a common export option in most genealogy programs that lets you take that data and import it into another program. The Relative History application only allows you to view the data, you can’t edit it.


There is an early bird discount for an Eastern Caribbean Genealogy Cruise on Celebrity Cruise Line that will be held in December 2014. Your hosts for the week long cruise are Gary and Diana Smith, Jana Sloan Broglin, and Dick Eastman, There are different options available and you have until October 6th 2013 to book your cruise and get these discounts


Registration is now open for RootsTech 2014. It will be held February 6th thru 8th 2014 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City Utah. Early bird discounts will apply until January 6th 2014. Full access at the early bird price is $159. There is other pricing for various days and classes.

Now over to new records.

Family Search new records include indexes for Find A Grave, Germany, Mecklengurg-Schwerin Census 1867, Hungary, Civil Resigtration, 1895 – 1980, Netherlands, Gelderland Province Civil Registration, 1811 – 1950, and U.S., Washington, Seattle, Passenger Lists, 1890 – 1957. And Images were added for Portugal Coimbra, Civil Registration, 1893 – 1980


A new collection has been added to ancestry.co.uk, and that would be records for nonconfromists. Those are people who did not follow the Church of England, that would include protestants not with the Church of England, Catholics, Quakers and Jews. This collection spans the years from 1567 to 1970 and the records are indexed, These records come from the UK National Archives, Kew.


Also over in the UK, the wills of World War I soldiers who died on the front line are going to be made available online. These wills were handwritten and kept in the soldiers’ uniforms. Soldiers were required to write a will when they enlisted and keep it with them. These paper records have been kept in a temperature-controlled warehouse. The soldiers not only wrote a will but they also had letters to loved ones with them. They are being digitized for the next year’s 100th anniversary of World War I. That would be 100 years ago the UK entered the war.


Findmypast.ie for Ireland has added records from the Irish Petty Session Court Registers from 1828 to 1912. The records contain petty crimes committed by Ireland residents and how they were punished. 15 new courts have been added to the existing collection. These records are available as part of a world subscription to the site available in various countries.


The British Newspaper Archive has announced on its Facebook page that it will be adding lots more pages since it has modified the scanning and OCR workflow process. They have over a million pages ready to process and they are working with publishers to get more 20th Century titles.


Burke’s Peerage Online had been closed. This site contained over a million names of people in over 7,000 families mostly from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It has been sold to another company. The web site ceased operation on September 1st. The new owners have not been announced and they are not allowing the old web site to be available to current subscribers.

Burke’s Peerage Online has been operated by Origins.net. If the new company does not honor the existing subscriptions, your money will be refunded.


The Library and Archives Canada and Canadiana.org have announced the digitization of millions of images from the microfilm collections at the Library and Archives Canada. About 60 million images are to be digitized and they will come from numerous collections. This is a 10-year agreement to digitize personal, administrative and government documents, land grants, war diaries, and photographs. Canadiana.org is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to digital preservation and providing access to Canadian heritage.


DearMyrtle has wrapped up the sessions on Mastering Genealogical Proof. They have all graduated, so to speak. You can find all the discussions about each chapter at DearMyrtle’s YouTube channel.

She is back doing Mondays with Myrt. She took a couple of weeks off. Mondays with Myrt is a Google hangout that anyone can participate in and follow along with the conversation at the community page. These sessions are Mondays at noon eastern and they’re record so you can watch them later from DearMyrtle’s YouTube channel.

The Friends of the National Archives – Southeast Region will be having a webinar on Tuesday September 10th at 2pm eastern. It’s called Records of the Tennessee Valley Authoriity and it’s presented by Maureen Hill.

That Tuesday evening there will be a webinar from the Illinois State Genealogical Society at 7 pm eastern called To the Honorable, the General Assembly – The Treasure Trove in Legislative Petitions and that will be presented by Judy Russell who is known as The Legal Genealogist.

And one more thing going on Tuesday September 10th. That would be Who Do You Think You Are. This episode will be about Jim Parsons and it will be the last episode. You can follow along with twitter using the hash tag #genchat and there will be a Google hangout after the show with the InDepth Genealogist. If you miss an episode and forgot to record it, you can view the entire episode on the TLC website

On Wednesday September 11th, there will be a webinar from Legacy called You Use WHAT for Genealogy? presented by Thomas MacEntee. That will be at 2 pm eastern.

All the webinars mentioned are free to view live. You will need to be a member of the presenting organization to view it later. Except Legacy will have the webinar available for free viewing for 2 weeks after the live event.

And one more date of interest is Grandparents day, that will be Sept. 8th

And that’s it for this week

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